We got a Filly!

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I just mentioned the other day that all we ever seem to get are stud colts… but we got a filly! WE. GOT. A. FILLY!! It’s pretty darn exciting! For the last 5 years (at least) all we ever seem to get are stud colts. I swear, our stud likes boys. Wait, that sounds weird. Should I explain? Maybe I better!!!

Okay, so as we know from Biology, the male produces the gender of the baby. So… when friends of mine have nothing but girls, I always tease the dad that he just always wanted to be surrounded by pretty girls. Clear as mud? Okay! Anyway… moving on…

One thing I need to point out… The mare who has thrown fillies in the past, you’re looking at her. This mare right here. So far, Blondie and Sis (although we sold her last year) have never thrown fillies since we’ve owned them. They’ve always thrown stud colts. This mare though, she’s thrown 3 fillies now. A sorrel, a dun, and now a Bay.

Okay, here’s a truth about me… I love genetics. I can’t say I totally understand them… however, does anyone truly? A geneticist I guess does but… they still do trial and error sometimes… Just a thought.

Anyway, in college, I loved when we studied genetics. My favorite was always if you breed a white cow to a red cow, shouldn’t you get a pink cow? Well, you’d think. But truthfully, that’s when you get spotted cows. Anyway… genetics really do fascinate me. Momma is a Sorrel. Daddy, well… his name explains it all… Dunhemakeyouwonder. He is registered as a Dun, but his color changes at the drop of a hat. I’m not kidding.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point. The point is, we got a filly. She came 1 week after Blondie had hers. Btw, we don’t know what color her colt is going to be yet. Only time will tell. Right now he almost looks like a Red Dun...

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