Chili Cook-off

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Oh where to start, where to start. Really in the fall my weekends get swamped with lots of fun activities and not so fun activities (such as school work….). This weekend though was a lot of fun activities… that’s the best part anyway!

So Saturday was my dear sweet husbands birthday. Hi hunny, I love you! Anyway that night there was a chili Cook-off for Newton County Christmas for Kids to raise money to buy presents for Newton County children who might not otherwise have a very Merry Christmas.

There was a $5 admission fee but that also got you in to eat all the chili you want, bid on a silent auction as well as you got 5 tickets and got to vote on the people’s choice award. How sweet is that?

In the silent auction there was anything from cheesecakes to pies to hats to Christmas sweaters to tools. There was a little something to appeal to everyone.

And trust me the bidding started immediately.

This cutie right here wanted to enter the Chili contest again this year. Last year her goal was to beat her daddy’s chili but he didn’t enter one this year. That didn’t stop her from wanting to though. Grandpa to the rescue. He helped her conjure up chili to enter.

The judges were taken off to the side so they couldn’t see chili coming to them and they were to judge. The scale was 1-5 with 5 being highest. They were to judge on smell, taste and appearance.

And while they were judging, so were the attendees. They were supposed to go and taste chili and help with the people’s vote. Tbug was soooo cute. She came up and asked me if she was supposed to put her tickets in other chili’s and not her own. I told her that if she wanted to put them in her own, that was totally allowed.

This little girl had her own “chili” ha! For all she knew she was eating what everyone else was, right?

Sometimes when you walk off without her blanket, you get to wrap her in the adult blanket in your car. I looked huge carrying her and that blanket because I kept stepping on it so I had to pick it up and toss it around me. So also in these pictures (which aren’t included) I looked like I had huge frown lines. Is this why everyone asks me all the time why I’m so mad?

Even though the weather was perfect for a fall night in November… the fire pit was still nice!

Can I get a shout out from Chiefs fans?!?! They won again this week but more on that in another post.

So after all the judging was complete and the people’s choice was finished, they started announcing winners. Sadly this photo gives it away… but 3rd place went to our friend Lee. 2nd Place to our friend Aimee, People’s Choice to our friend Rachele and Tbug… well she might have won 😉

Rachele sadly got called to work so her husband Doug accepted in her honor. Then Amie, Lee and Tbug

This is what was left of Tbug’s chili at the end of the night.

Then they finished up the silent auction. I’m not going to lie, Baby girl and I had to sit away from the commotion or else we’d have been run over and beat up I think. Ok it might not have been a knock out drag out fight but dang, it was some pretty fierce competition going on there at the end.

The real winners were the children at the end of the night. We were able to raise over $2,000 for the children’s Christmas in Newton County.

Oh and Tbug may or may not have been picking on Lee first….

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