Let's Get This Show On The Road!!

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So I’ve FINALLY gotten more photos from our photographer.  This wedding recap has been so long and drawn out… but we’re getting there!  Yey!

So Warning, this post is PHOTO HEAVY.  Sorry.  There are 28 photos.  I thought about breaking it up into two posts but I decided against it in the end.  Hope you enjoy!

The wedding was at 11am.  It’s a long story as to how we got that time, but hey it all worked out.  The bad part was, we were at the hair studio (Works of Art) getting our hair fixed at 7am.  I usually am not awake and coherent until about 10am, ask my co-worker’s who talk to me at 8am 🙂

I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but I have a ton of hair.  And you remember how we made it really blonde??  The day of the wedding the underneath dark side mixed in with the blonde and it didn’t look so blonde, Score!

I didn’t have a hair trial.  Paula had me bring in a few shots for my hair and the girls hair and said we’ll see you Saturday.

I really like the side ponytails so that’s how I had them do April & Evelyn’s hair.

See, I look awake huh?

They were laughing at me because supposedly I was the calmest bride they’d ever seen.  I was content with my Cherry Coke and my iPhone if I wasn’t talking.

Not only does Evelyn have a bunch of hair but it’s super long too!

The lady who did my make-up also worked on Evelyn’s hair (my lady also worked on Evelyn’s hair).  It was a trade off 🙂

See, NOT Wowzer’s Blonde! 🙂

No idea what I was looking at.

My friend Aerielle did Tbug’s hair for us.

Now this is where I thought about breaking it into a second post… but figured, what the heck… I’m known for picture heavy posts anyway… why not 🙂

Here is my dress.  This shot does absolutely NOTHING for it.

And I like bling!  This had enough to satisfy me but I didn’t look outrageously over-done either!

My mom made my garter’s for me (keep and toss).  The keep one was extremely heavy and I swore by the end of the day it’d be around my ankle but it never fell.  They were both gorgeous.  And my pretty blue shoes 🙂

Evelyn made matching garter’s for all of us to wear and she gave me mine on the cute sheep.  Our photographer actually used my dress as the backdrop… notice??

And I joined in on the “I Do” on the bottom of my shoes.

More dress detail.

I’m not sure if our photographer thought we’d tied our rings to the pillow or what, but there are no shots of our actual rings :(.  These rings on the pillow aren’t real.  PC’s mom went to an auction and got a crapton (yup my word again) of jewelry and she let me have these rings.  That way we didn’t have to worry about our rings getting lost.  However we didn’t get any shots of our rings 🙁

So once we got to the church I put on my undergarments (or as I called it, the tummy sucker inner thingy).  But I was in one room and my dress was in another so I put my shorts and shirt back on so that I could go to the room my dress was in and my guests wouldn’t see me 🙂

This was my bouquet.  Through all the photos I’ve seen, this is one of the only photos of it 🙁

Then I got to strip down and get in my dress… woohooo 🙂

And they told me to hold it up so they could lace me in.  I love the placement of my hands… LOL  Evelyn was tucking the holding strings in… I love the look on her face.

The back of my dress.

Then it was time to put the shoes on.

The flower was a last minute addition and mom really thought it would just be for the reception but we just decided to place it in when we put the veil on.

I was actually supposed to take my veil and flower to the hair studio and forgot.  Remember I’m not real coherent at 6:20am…

This is kind of random… but here is our guest book.  We went with the signed photograph because the other would probably just collect dust on our shelf.

All photos taken by Greene Photography.


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0 thoughts on “Let's Get This Show On The Road!!

  1. I LOVE the way your hair turned out. It's gorgeous! We didn't get any pictures of just our rings either, but I figure we wear em everyday so I don't mind. 😉

  2. I am soooooo grateful for these photos FINALLY!!!

    I love how stunningly beautiful yu looked

    Your bouquet is so pretty it almost made me cry!

    I love love love you shoes

  3. Just lovely! And your bouquet was gorgeous. Too bad there weren't more pictures. I think you need to have a serious talking to with the photographer! 😉

  4. I love those shoes! And the autographed picture, what a good idea. I love the way your dress laced up and the bling and well. . . I think I just love everything.

  5. Beautiful dress and bouquet! And, seriously, have a chat with your photog…what's with only one shot of your bouquet, and NONE of your rings?!

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