The Show Must Go On!!

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So last weekend we were supposed to have our daughter.  I got the text from my mom Friday afternoon around 2, talked to her on the phone at 4 and told her we’d be there after we picked Tbug up from cheerleading at 6.  Once we got to the hospital and realized how bad things were, PC sent a text to Tbug’s mom to see if she could come and get her from us.  She said yes and met us at the hospital.  We felt terrible, especially because Tbug asked me what was wrong, and I couldn’t lie to her.  I broke the news to her as gently as I could and then I sat in the waiting room with her waiting for her mom to show up, crying my eyes out hugging her.  That was actually a cheerleading competition weekend that we were going to take her to, so that just added that much more heartache to it all.  She was excited because we were going to be able to make one of her competitions.

Saturday after everything that had happened, my dad pulled me aside and said that PC and I needed to make it to Tbug’s competition.  I’d already told PC if we could we would but things were so up in the air we weren’t sure what to do or what would happen.  I started crying and my dad told me that my grandpa’s favorite thing was family and that I now have a family I need to take care of and that’s what he would have wanted.  So I told PC that we were headed to Branson to see Tbug’s performance.  We decided to keep it a secret from her and just show up.

I’m so glad we did.  I think she was excited to see us.  Unfortunately I was there more in the physical form than the mental form but I was there to cheer her on never-the-less.  They placed 4th.  Here are some photos from their competition.

This was right before it started.  The music was geared up…

Here’s all the girls.

And their off!

I’m jealous, about here I’d have been on my head… and she did a complete walkover.

see, told ya 😉

The look on her face cracks me up here.

Sad thing is… I was in Ballet and never could do that 🙂

this was the end.  She looks like she’s singing here… LOL

Right after the competition we met up with her to let her know we were there and that we missed her.  We are making up our last weekend this weekend.  I think we might even decorate the tree, but shhhh don’t tell anyone and don’t sue me!  We have to do it as a family when we can 🙂

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Peace, Love, & Family


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0 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On!!

  1. Glad Dad had you go. I know it meant a lot to her to have you both there. I'm really wanting to decorate for Christmas this weekend but the husband won't let me. Gotta wait till after Thanksgiving. I did sneak a few things outside! hehe

  2. I'm so sorry about your Grandpa, I've been trying to comment for days but have been down with the stomach bug, and seems like every time I sat down to read blogs and comment, I was being called away. Anyway, I know how you feel. I lost my Pappy in 2003 and I still miss him so much! But I'm thankful for the 17 years I got to have with him.

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