Ah, It's Official

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Woohoooo more pictures!  And this is another picture heavy post!  One more of these and I will have been through our wedding!

 Remember the slide show I did?  Well here is PC singing the song to me while watching the photos go through.  I couldn’t see any of this but still I knew :).  He walked both mothers in, took them to light the candles and then escorted them back to their seats and then stood through the 4 minute slide show waiting on yours truly.

We decided to have the guys escort the ladies down the aisle.  When I asked Evelyn if she minded she said, “I love walking down the aisle with this man.”  When I asked Kalem he said, “Do I have to?”… LOL  (ps they are married and have been 11 years)

 Noah, April, PC and I all went to school together.  It cracks me up neither of them are smiling.

Tbug was being a pistol the night of the rehearsal, but she took her job seriously on the day of the wedding.

I was so sad to see there were NO, you heard me, NO pictures of my dad walking me down the aisle.  This is as close as we get :(.

And here’s a classic one… I laughed through the entire ceremony.  Everyone figured I’d be a crier, but I laughed my head off through the entire ceremony.  Some say it was due to nerves… but hey, I wasn’t crying.

See Big Ole’ Smile

Here is when the preacher asked for the rings.  What was given you ask??  Ring Pops.  The preacher held them up and said, “Do I really have to pray over these?”

Lighting our Unity Candle

And then a family Unity Candle

And You may kiss your bride 🙂

May I introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. PC 🙂

Once we got out of the church we embraced each other in a huge hug.

Then we chose to exit everyone.  First my Parents

Then PC’s parents.  Then he escorted his grandma out of the church.  And then we proceeded on back and forth between the guests.

No one heard we were actually leaving the building… which was fine!

When getting ready to decide on what to leave the church in we tossed around a lot of ideas… my uncle’s old truck, a horse and wagon, a limo, my mom’s car, dad’s truck and then it hit us, how about my aunt’s car.  As PC was helping me into the car, he scoffed and said, yeah, like you’d have made it into your mom’s car.  I was laying across the backseat almost… LOL and my mom drives a 2 door sports car…

Here are our two families intertwined. I wish we’d have gotten a shot with my grandparents (would have meant even more now) and PC’s grandma but it didn’t happen 🙁  But my grandpa made it to my wedding and that’s what matters.  He’s there on the front row 🙂

And now our immediate family

And duh, it’s our wedding 😉

Kisses for everyone 🙂

PC with his nephew and daughter.

and because my other grandparents passed away (07 & 08) and PC’s step dad passed away (05, I think) we had a memorial set up for them so they were a part of our wedding day too.

This is in the old High school court yard… you know where we spent a lot of time way back when…
Ok so technically we didn’t hang out in the school yard together but the building was locked up… LOL

“What’s up there?”

This is one of the main entrances.

Ok one more post and I’ll quit bugging you with wedding recaps.  Hope you’ve enjoyed so far.  I’ve been happy and disappointed both in our pictures… some I asked for, like PC’s face the minute he saw me walk down the aisle, I didn’t get or my dad walking me down the aisle, or I noticed looking that the pics of PC, me & Greg & Tim (brothers from another mother) aren’t in the 366 photos I went through… I’m still holding out.  We’ll see 🙁

Peace, Love & Wedding Photos 🙂
All photos courtesy of Greene Photography


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0 thoughts on “Ah, It's Official

  1. Gorgeous, Nicole! Your dress is breathtaking 🙂 I'm sorry about the missing pics 🙁 I know the feeling—I hope they show up somehow!

  2. Hah! Ringpops. LOL

    I can't believe they didn't get ANY pics of your Dad walking you down the aisle. I know how it feels to not have these pics – at least you have some formal fmily shots to keep, – I'm glad you have those. You should def. talk to your photographer.

  3. Lovely photos. I am so sorry you don't have any photos of your dad walking you down the aisle that is a BIG moment. You looked glowing in all of the photos. i adore your bridesmaid dresses.

  4. Yea, feel like I was there! Thanks for the recap. At least you laughed during your wedding. The husband and I both cried all thru our's. I think our bestman and maid of honor were crying too!

  5. Great photos! Have you asked all your guests regarding a photo of you coming in the church with your Dad? I know whatever wedding I go to I always try to get a good photo of that!

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