How do you Spend Your Tuesdays??

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So after we renewed our wedding vows we really didn’t have anything booked until later in the evening.  This was really just a day to lay around and relax.


The infamous ABC Stores that are on EVERY corner!

A photo in front of Tiffany’s but at 9 am, they weren’t open yet so we couldn’t go in 🙁 I guess no Breakfast for us there 🙂


My mom was so proud


Dad looks a little TOO happy 🙂


My dad used to always call me McGillycuddy so when I saw this restaurant I KNEW I had to have my picture taken with my dad under the sign.


This was in the International Market Place and cracked us up!


This is out in the middle of the ocean.  The Catamaran guys told us it was a tower that transmitted signals all around the globe.


What am I drinking?  I won’t tell 🙂


There they are using the Conch Shell again to signal coming in.


I was impressed b/c she was actually lowering herself down with a rope while standing on the ladder.


Look, mom, NO Hands!


After we got off the Catamaran for the 2nd time, (mom & grandma needed to go out also), we went to eat lunch and get some food in my system.


We ate at Cheeseburger Paradise Beachwalk.



I had a stuffed Cheeseburger.  I stuffed mine with Mozzarella Cheese & Banana Peppers.


Hubby got the Aloha Fish & Fries.





This was our guide who picked us up for our Dinner cruise.  He picked this flower saying he’d never seen one before and then stuck it behind his ear.  Yup, I caught him 🙂


The guide said this ship never leaves the harbor, it just gets painted lots of different colors.


Pictures from the eating quarters on the dinner cruise.




We got free drinks with the cruise package so we tried a Volcano (I think is what it was called)


It was a buffet-style dinner.


I kept seeing the Hawaiian flag and wondering why they were flying the British flag.  If you look at them side by side they are different, but it still threw me and a lot of other people.


Haha, I had to have at least one hubby butt shot, right?!?! 😉


Our boat was almost more like a pontoon so you didn’t feel any waves at all, very cool!


And it was a Sunset Dinner Cruise.



When we came back in the dinner cabin, they had couples who were celebrating their anniversary get up and dance.  My mom laughed b/c we just danced at our table.  Then we went up and danced something else and wound up staying for the Cupid Shuffle.  My mom was like, “Well I didn’t raise a shy child.”  I was like, “Um, do these people know me?”


And because of this picture here, when we went to get on our charter bus to go back to the hotel, it was full.  It was a 60 passenger bus, there were about 45 of us when we arrived at the ship and when we went to go back home, every seat was taken.  How does that happen?  It wasn’t like a city bus, it was only for specific people.  So the dinner cruise people paid for us to take a taxi back to the hotel since our bus was taken.

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  1. I want your Tuesday! Mine was the same as always. Well I did go to Carl's Jr! That was a nice change up. haha. No boob grabbing on a statue tho. dang.

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