Baseball Games

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Last Sunday we had the opportunity to attend a Springfield Cardinals Game. It was fun too! Last Fall Memaw went to a KC Chiefs game with us and the night before when we asked if she wanted to go she said, yes, I’ve never seen a home run. Hubby was like, well after tomorrow you’ll still have never seen a home run. Poor Memaw hasn’t lived that down. When we went to the baseball game, we asked if she wanted to go see a Touch Down with us. Yup, she still hasn’t lived it down….

Hello, you can’t go to a ball game without ballpark food! So our seats were up in the Red Bird Roost… So we got tickets and all the food we wanted to eat from hotdogs, brats, nachos, burritos, fruit, popcorn, and Coca Cola Products.

The gates opened 1 hour before the game started. That’s when we started eating. We sat and watched them get the field read and watched the ball players warm up.

They had different causes for the night. These were the EMS Riders.

During each inning change there were different events.

So this was a foul ball and it actually went through the window.

Sadly the Cardinals lost against the Arkansas Travelers 7 to 4.

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