Some days we need our heads examined

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Some days I think we need our sanity checked! Yesterday was one of those days! The alarm went off at 4:30am. Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t worry, I didn’t get out of bed until 5. And that was funny in itself because I asked hubs what time it was and he said, “I know you are but you need to get up.” He thought I said I was tired….

Yesterday was a home Chiefs game.

Another fun story, the night before Grady called and asked if we knew anyone that would like to go to a Chiefs game because they had an extra ticket. We called Memaw and asked her if she’d like to go to a Chiefs game. She said, Well I’ve never been to a baseball game so it sounds like fun. We all died laughing and said, well after tomorrow (meaning yesterday) you still won’t have gone to a baseball game. She meant to say football and accidentally said baseball. We teased her all day. Woops!

Anyway, back to yesterday morning… This is what a lot of our drive looked like. And once it started lighting up… it started raining. And boy was it ever so cold!

We rode up with Jared and met up with the other clan at IHOP in Belton, then piled in to their vehicles and headed on to the Chief’s stadium. Jared was picking on SW. Either that, or it was snowing in IHOP

And as we all know I take pictures of food… Jared ordered this… Chicken fried steak, eggs over easy and hashbrowns.

Hubby had a sampler platter, 2 eggs over easy, 2 pieces bacon, 2 pieces sausage, 2 pieces ham, 2 pancakes and hashbrowns.

I have no idea what I actually ordered but I got 2 eggs over easy, 2 pieces bacon, hashbrowns and wheat toast.

Memaw went with the waffle.

Tbug went with pancakes.

Once we were done eating, it was time to head on to the stadium. Game was a noon game so we didn’t head in until around 11 or so since it was 30 degrees and raining. It never quit raining either.

Grady and Dan are red coaters as I’ve mentioned before. When Grady got back up to the stands, he said that since Memaw wanted to see a home run, he definitely needed to stay until the end of the game to make sure he didn’t miss a momentous occasion. Poor Memaw! It was her first football game, it was freezing cold, but the Chiefs won and she saw a touchdown! She said all was good in her book.

Tbug lasted until halftime and then was so cold and wet that she went to sit in the truck with Deb and SW and her friend. Hubby and Tbug both forgot their coat. I have no idea how that happened. They both had blankets so they were able to cover up and stay warm, but when you’re wet, it’s cold! My bibs soaked all the way through… my left leg was soaked while my right leg wasn’t. CRAZY! I can’t explain it.

The game was good and intense. The first 3 minutes we all questioned if we’d be better to load up and head home. Thankfully we didn’t! It was a GREAT game.

After the Chiefs beat the Bills 30 to 22 it was time to head back and get Karen’s truck and eat dinner. We went to Snead’s BBQ.

After we all placed our orders, I saw this flier thing (whatever they’re called) sitting on the table. Enough people agreed they looked good that they decided to order a few orders for the table.

The presentation wasn’t the same, but it was definitely YUMMY!

Hubby and a lot of the table ordered the All-You-Can-Eat Catfish. I ate a piece. For not liking fish, it definitely wasn’t bad.

For the most part the rest of the table went with Burnt Ends (Brownies as they called them). They were okay but they were a bit dry. Still good though! And nothing a little Ranch Dressing didn’t dress up!

And then, we drove home. The End :).

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