101 in 1001 1st crossoff!!!!

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Wow, I posted my list on Wednesday and the husband has already helped me cross off an item on my list.

Before I met him, some friends of mine had tried to help me find a wine I liked, period. I’m not a huge drinker, never really have been. I don’t like beer, give me an Amaretto Sour and I’m happy! :). On my 21st birthday, they’d buy me drinks, I wouldn’t like them and I’d pass them off. I wound up getting all my friends drunk that way… hmmm…. Yes, I was the soberest person on my 21st. haha!

So my friends decided to get me into drinking wine. It took them forever, but they were able to find 1, yes 1 wine that I liked. It’s called Moscato d’ Asti.

Moscato d’Asti is a “Denominazione di origine controllata” sparkling white wine produced mainly in the districts of Asti, Italy, and in smaller nearby regions in the districts of Alessandria and Cuneo. The wine is sweet and low in alcohol and often enjoyed with dessert. Thus it is considered a dessert wine. It is from the Moscato Bianco grape.
A related wine, Asti Spumante, is produced in the same area from the same grape.

So when I met back up with PC he informed me he didn’t drink wine. I told him I didn’t either BUT there was this one type that I really liked and I bet he would too. Sure enough, I got him to like it! Yey 🙂 So now we are on the hunt to find a red wine that we like, hence the reason I put it on the list. As of last night, I’m sold! PC found one at Macadoodles.

Now we’ve both heard that the more red wine you drink the drier you’ll eventually go so this may change, but for now, we are sold 🙂 and I get to cross one thing off my list. Yey!!!

And please don’t hold it against me that we were drinking red wine in a white wine glass. Remember up until last night, we didn’t like red wine 🙂



**And yes I have naturally curly hair… no it isn’t pretty curls, yes my hair was wet, and it isn’t my whole head, just from my ears forward. from my ears back, it’s wavy. Go figure**

Peace, Love & Red Wine (or as PC says drunken Blondes)

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  1. aw a girl after my own heart!! I LOVE Moscato D' Asti! It's what we served at our wedding instead of champagne =)That and sangria are the only wine I drink…I may have to try this red wine =)

  2. MOSCATO! I love that stuff 🙂 And I'm not a huge wine drinker either. I won't tell anyone about the white wine glass. Haha.

  3. If I drank at all, it would always be champagne. It just sounds so romantic to drink it, to pop the cork, to have it tickle your nose.

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