The Wrap Up – 101 in 1001

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So a while back… you know, as in back in 2010, after reading that a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon to do the 101 in 1001 list, I decided to play along.  I’m pretty sure if I remember right, after seeing Jill sign up, I decided I needed to as well.  She was one of my newest followers at the time, and really there were lots of other people but I’m pretty sure she was the one who pushed me over the edge.

I printed my list off and carried it with me for over 2 years.  That paper saw better days, that’s for sure.  Parts of it I had to reprint a couple times for different reasons… but the paper stayed in my purse and was carried around with me for 2 years.

I would pull it out when I went to places to see if I could cross anything off.  Sadly there were things on here that caused me problems and there were things I was unable to finish for whatever reason, but it was a fun list to attempt and I was able to cross a lot of things off.

The list I finished with wasn’t the original, I wound up having to modify it a bit for one reason or another, but here is the list and what I was able to accomplish or the things toward the end I knew wouldn’t happen.

We’re finally closing that chapter of this list.  I haven’t worked on it in a while, I just finally found a time to recap it 🙂


Ok, I jumped on the bandwagon! Although this is difficult!!! So here are the things I would like to try and accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years).
Starting day: September 29, 2010, ending day: June 26, 2013 (boy I hope I did my math right ;)).

Wish me Luck!!!

In progress (Italics)

Won’t happen for one reason or another

1) Complete 15 Boy push-ups in a row
2) Set a weight goal 12/29/10
3) Reach my goal weight (25/25lbs) July 2011
4) Wear the “skinny” jeans hiding in my closet May 1, 2011
5) Floss every day for a month
6) Donate hair to Locks of Love (again) 12/8/10
7) Donate blood 6/2/11
8) Find a dentist and go regularly 9/5/12
9) Find a new hairdresser that I like! December 2010
10) No pop (soda) for 1 month April 11-May 11 (ended 6/2/11 b/c of donating blood)
11) Improve my Posture
12) Join a book club
13) Dye my hair May 10, 2011
14) Get the Pink Hair extension for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October and list ends in June)
15) Join a Relay-4-Life Team
16) Do a Canopy Tour
17) Increase contributions to church
18) Go snorkeling
19) Have an emergency fund of at least 3 months pay
20) Pay off my Mustang 1/11/11
21) Enroll in 401K/Start saving for retirement 1/1/11
22) Start a savings account for PC’s future business
23) Start a business 1/9/11
24) Get everything changed over into my new name April 2011
25) Save for an upgrade on my camera November 1, 2010
26) Make a homemade berry pie from freshly picked berries 5.1.12
27) Host a holiday party at my house Christmas Eve, 2010
28) Make a “from scratch” dessert 2/13/11
29) Keep my car clean for a month straight November 2010
30) Find a red wine I like to drink Sept 30, 2010
31) Try a drastic new hairstyle 12/8/10
32) Host a dinner party 8/21/11
33) Make my own jam 2/2013
34) Grow a garden and eat something from it June 20, 2011
35) Can my own tomatoes, sauce, and salsa
36) Make homemade soup from scratch 2/25/11
37) Print out digital pictures and make a wedding photo album  (February 2011)
38) Make 1 new meal per month for 1 year Oct 2010-Sept 2011
39) Take a monthly photo and change it out on my wall for 1 year Nov 2010-Oct 2011
40) learn photoshop elements 2012
41) Learn the ins/outs of my camera (This will be on-going but…) 2012
42) Do a photo challenge  2011
43) Make a quilt out of PC’s old Army uniforms
44) Make PC’s quilt (bought the material last year)
45) Finish Evelyn’s blanket and get it to her
46) Go through my shoes and get rid of some 10/2/10
47) Get everything put away in our house 12/18/10
48) Learn to coupon
49) Learn to can my own vegetables Spring 2012
50) Purchase all equipment to can my own vegetables 4/3/11
51) Remodel my bedroom 3/2011
52) Keep our house picked up for one month February 2012
53) Make a Snow Angel 2/1/11
54) Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years 11-30-11
55) Enroll in school/start taking classes 4/21/11&8/24/11
56) Learn a foreign language fluently
57) Take another Photography Class
58) Take an office in PEO (again) (happens every 2 years and this is the off year, List ends in June)
59) Write a book (even if unpublished) 8/11
60) Start an Etsy Shop 9/16/11
61) Go skiing (snow or water)
62) Go berry picking 4.29.12
63) Go Parasailing 9/4/11
64) Watch a live Hockey Game
65) Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
66) Print a photo on Canvas 11/25/10
67) Do a wine tasting  11/7/10
68) Go Ice Skating 2/2013
69) Go on a vacation with just PC and myself 7/3-4/11
70) Go on a road trip and site see along the way 3/25-27/11
71) Spend a night at a Bed & Breakfast
72) Visit 3 new states – Hawaii (9/11), California (9/11), Arizona (5/12)
73) Do the wine stomping while at a vineyard
74) Try 15 new Restaurants(15/15) Ended September 9, 2011
75) Plan an unforgettable 1 year wedding anniversary 9/4/11
76) Go to the lake for a weekend 6/21-23/2013
77) Go Camping 6/21-23/2013
78) Go to the Dixie Stampede
79) Visit Apple Butter Makin’ Days (happens in September – list is over in June)
80) Go to the Maple Leaf Parade 10/16/10
81) Go a whole week without swearing April 2013
82) Take Scuba Diving Classes 1/8/13
83) Read the Bible cover to cover
84) Read 10 books throughout this list time frame (10/10) 1/30/13
85) Show grace when it is undeserved
86) Have a garage sale April 29 & 30, 2011
87) Build a snowman
88) Go to church every Sunday for at least 2 months
89) Go on a Family Trip – The Whole Family Sept 2-10, 2011
90) Join a Bible Study
91) Grow a pumpkin to carve
92) Sleep under the stars
93) Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (26/26) 2012
94) Kiss in the rain 9/9/11
95) Go to a large Farmer’s Market 4/22/11
96) Take Ballroom Dance Lessons
97) Do a photo shoot for 5 friends (5/5) 3/2013

98) Run a 5K 6/15/2013
99) Make all recipes in the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook (29/64)
100) Do a yearly post-wedding Scrapbook page (highlighting the year’s events) 5.8.12
101) At the end create a new 101 list

Donate $1 for every task completed (58/101)
Whew, I set the bar high… let’s see if I can do it 🙂 Wish me luck!!!
57% Completed

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  1. Wow – you got a lot more completed than I did off my list! Mine ended in June too, but I'm still going to try and cross some of them off and work towards getting it completed. Maybe within the next year! 😉

  2. You got a ton crossed off! And hey, you might not have snorkeled but you learned and went scuba diving! That seems like it should count to me.

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