The Photo Challenge

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Finally, knocked another 101 in 1001 off my list…  Go me!   #39 you are outta here! 🙂

November 2010:

Morning Sunrise close to my house.

December 2010:

Christmas Card Photo

January 2011:

Not a photo per say but I donated my hair to Locks of Love

February 2011:  (finally got wedding photos printed…)

One of my absolute favorite wedding photos

March 2011:

My Family

April 2011:

One of my absolute favorite photos

May 2011:

Mother’s Day Luncheon at Tbug’s School

June 2011:

Tbug’s end of School Program

July 2011:

Yes it’s my hubby’s rear, but I like this photo 🙂
August 2011:

 Missouri Style Sunrise
September 2011:

Vow Renewal in Hawaii
October 2011:
Our last night in Hawaii, Spending it together watching the Sunset

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4 thoughts on “The Photo Challenge

  1. I have to say, I'm a sucker for the posts with pics. You're wedding dress and your wedding photo are gorgeous!

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