Proud Mommy Moments – Just Socks

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Holy Cow!!

How and when did I become an uncool older person?!?!

When I was younger my grandma bought me socks every year for Christmas.  I can remember thinking… Oh boy, more socks {insert sarcasm!}.

Then as I got older, I LOVED getting new Socks {no sarcasm at all!}.

When my grandma passed away in 2007, shortly before Christmas I asked my mom who was going to buy me socks now?  She asked me if I needed socks.  I told her, No but that’s not the point.  Grandma ALWAYS bought me socks for Christmas.

So jump forward to Monday of this week or maybe a bit before.

When my {step}daughter (she’s 9) started getting a bit bigger and out grew the socks she had, instead of buying her any (because I’m horrible and kept forgetting) she just started wearing mine.  Mine fit her just fine, she likes the low cut kind which is what I have a bunch of, so it was just easier so I didn’t have to try and keep socks separated.

Two weeks ago though, I bought her socks.  6 pair in fact.  They are the low cut kind she likes.  And so easy to keep them separated from mine because they have Hello Kitty on the top (like the top of your foot – top).

She loves Hello Kitty so I thought she’d be extremely excited.

Unfortunately they’ve been at my parents house until Tuesday of this week.

Monday she was walking around a store with us and I saw socks and I was so excited that I had to tell her I bought her socks.  I think my heart was crushed though because she looked at me and said, They’re just socks.

I was like but they are new socks and they are just for you.  Again she said, they’re just socks.

I was like but they have Hello Kitty on them.  She’s like, “Mom (remember she calls me that), they’re just socks.”

Right then I looked at hubby and said, “Wow, I’m so uncool!  When did this happen?”
He said, “She’ll like them when you actually give them to her.”

She was a little more excited when she actually got them in her hands…. but maybe that’s b/c I gave her so much grief.

I also told her my sock story and she told me she’d get me socks for Christmas…  LOL 🙂

But come on people aren’t they cute?!?!  Please don’t leave me hanging here!

0 thoughts on “Proud Mommy Moments – Just Socks

  1. I love the sock story 🙂 I think it's cuter that she said she'd buy you socks for Xmas – awwww!!

    Hey – I picked up a pack of socks for my daughter that were neon colored and awesome – and I think I liked them more than she did. The she did the unthinkable – she wears them UNMATCHED to their pair! OMG momma wants to die.

  2. They are very cute! Love them, And what a fun story. Maybe being uncool isn't such a bad thing.

    Thanks so much for linking up

  3. Definitely cute socks…I get wayyy more excited about socks now than I did when I was a kid, so I know how you feel! lol!

  4. Hahahaha…this whole post made me laugh!! They are super cute! I get excited about cute colored socks!

  5. Aww! They are definitely more than just socks! I have a weird sock story too. When Will and I first started dating, he had to run somewhere, so while I was hanging out I matched up ALL of his socks. He thought it was the cutest thing and to this day it is one of our inside jokes.

  6. Those are super cute socks!

    How sweet that she told you she would get you socks for Christmas. Aww.

    Thanks for linking up.

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