A Picking We Will Go

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A picking we will go, a picking we will go, hi ho the Cherry O, a picking we will go.

This just so happens to be the song I was singing in my head the whole time we were…. get this, picking berries.  What’s really funny is my 101 list included going berry picking.  I chose to count my cherry tree however I missed being able to cross it off with this trip by just a few days.  Speaking of that I need to do a recount of what all I accomplished but that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about A Picking We Will Go.

A couple weekends ago my parents were going to a Blueberry Farm/Blackberry Farm to pick berries.  When I found out they were going, I jumped at the chance to go with them.

We really wanted to pick Blackberries because who doesn’t like blackberries?!  But as you can see they were quite ready to go.  That didn’t stop us.  We still went on the blackberry hunt.

The owner of the farm said that the blackberries we could find were the first picking of the year so they’d need just a little more sugar than normal.

I thought I did really well.  I wound up with a bucket of blackberries and so did my mom.  Mom split hers between grandma.  The blackberries really needed about another week so mom and dad went last weekend and wound up with 15 lbs of blackberries.  I’ve already asked for some because I’m going to try my hand at making Blackberry Jam.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

I thought it was cool I caught the dragon fly on the berries.

Now the blueberries were actually ready to go.  Mom and I decided that we’d tag team a bucket but the heat just about got to us so we wound up with half a bucket.  We split the blueberries between us.

Oh… and Grandma really wanted peaches.  We got her a box of peaches while we were at it!

Not to shabby for about an hours worth of work, huh?!?!

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0 thoughts on “A Picking We Will Go

  1. How fun! I would love to go berry picking 😀 My grandma has tons, and tons of blackberry bushes so we get to go pick all of hers.

  2. never had blackberries before but just went strawberry picking……..well actually went to the berry patch and paid way more for pre picked because i never went to that one before and didn't want to ask where to go to pick em ourselves lol.

  3. Yum! Blackberry season always reminds me on the end of summer – we would go up to my grandparent's cabin and pick as many blackberries as we could. Then grandma would make blackberry cobbler – YUM!

    I've always wanted to make blackberry jam – can't wait to see how your turns out!

    Blueberries and peaches are YUM too!! I just ate and now I am hungry …

  4. Wow I am so behind on reading blogs! So I have never really thought about farms that grow blackberries. They just grow wild everywhere around here. Haha we do have blueberry farms in fact they are one of the biggest exports in our county

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