Maple Leaf Parade – Hometown Hero's!

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One of the things I have on my 101 in 1001 was to attend the Maple Leaf Parade.  Now that isn’t something new and it really isn’t something I couldn’t accomplish especially because when I did the 101 list, the Maple Leaf parade was only a few weeks away, but it’s something that is so cool to go and watch you can’t help yourself.  And this year PC was in the Parade on our companies Hometown Hero’s Float because he is a veteran.  I got a TON of pictures but have narrowed it down to a few to share, but I’m breaking them up into 2 posts.  This post is just to the Hometown hero’s floats.  It’s because of our veterans that we are where we are today.  That we can believe what we want to believe.  That we can act the way we want to act.  That we can do anything we want to do!  Never forget!

Peace, Love & Hometown Hero’s


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