Stories from my youth

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Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

So I learned to drive a truck when I was 4 years old.  The summer I turned 12 I actually was tall enough to push the clutch to the floor, so my dad taught me to drive a standard transmission.

Now as a 12 year old, making an impression on boys was kind of important, but making a good impression was even better… ya know.  Well I went to the hayfield with my dad and the owner of the hayfield had a boy in my grade, embarrassing number one.  I got stuck driving the truck.  To get me to be careful driving the truck, my dad said that if the driver dumps the load of hay, the driver re-stacks.  Yeah, I wasn’t that ambitious so my goal was to not dump the load of hay off the trailer.  So the boy in my class had a friend who was also in my class and the 2 of them wound up helping my dad load the trailer.  So we got the trailer loaded and I drove up to the front of the field.  Dad told me where to move the truck and I dumped the entire front load off the trailer.  Talk about humiliation.  The one boy laughed (the friend) and the boy whose dad owned the field just jumped right in and started reloading the trailer.  I never wanted to drive the truck loaded down with hay again.

Don’t worry though, I did and still do.  I’ve gotten better at taking off with a load of hay in a standard transmission 🙂

You know, thinking about this, it could have been a good post for last Friday’s embarrassing moments!

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