Day 1

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Day 1 – We agreed to go on a date

Day 2 – We had our first kiss and a long kiss good bye

Day 7 – I met his daughter and she called me his girlfriend

Day 9 – He met a lot of my family

Day 15 – I made him a blanket

Day 22 – His daughter came to meet my parents

Day 42 – He sent me flowers

Day 49 – His grandma passed away

Day 69 – He moved home for good

Day 113 – We had our first major fight

Day 120 – I had my first encounter with his ex

Day 126 – We shared our first trip together.

Day 140 – We headed to Ft. Worth for the first of many times.

Day 160 – We spent our first New Years together.

Day 167 – His dad introduced us to the nurse in the hospital as engaged.

Day 203 – He popped the question and I said yes.

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  1. you are so sweet and romantic! I can remember pretty much the day we met and the day Martin proposed , but he is way better at all the in between stuff

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