A Case of the Monday's

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Do you ever just wake up some mornings and feel like you’ve been hit by a freight train? Yeah, that was me yesterday morning. I stretched and I swear every joint in my body popped and cracked… you know come to think of that, it happened again just now.

Oh well anyway cute story to share:
I was getting dressed for work yesterday and I was putting my eyeliner on my eyes (b/c well where else would you put it? oh you just wait). I put it on my top left eye, top right eye, bottom right eye, nose, bottom left eye.

Oh wait did you do a double take there? Did you see I threw nose in there? Was that a typo… unfortunately no. And to make things even better the fiance got a shot of it so for your enjoyment please look at my nose 🙂 Now the photo was taken with his iPhone so it is difficult to see but if you look, trust me, it’s there…

Now for sad news. I decided to step on the scales when I got home last night… I’ve gained 4-6lbs since I bought my wedding dress. I thought I was going to cry. Boy I sure hope that baby still fits in 25 days. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll get married in boots & jeans! I did however start my workout again! I tried so hard with it that later in the evening my stomach right around my belly button HURT! I was sitting on the couch and dropped something on the floor, bent over to get it and swore I had something hard pressing into my belly button. It was the weirdest thing! And coughing, was definitely out of the question!

On Sunday’s WE tv has wedding specials all day long and I watched one episode with David Tuterra about a gal who wanted to get married in boots. My kind of gal but don’t worry, I have pretty heels 🙂

The fiance and I also had Kalem and Evelyn over and we swam all afternoon. It was great. Although our pool sits under trees most of the day so what little time the sun beats down on it, it hardly warms the 35,000 gallons of water up so we swam in a cold pool. It’s all good. I mowed lawn that morning in my tubetop to get rid of tan lines and then swam in it for the same reason. Let’s just say my shoulders, upper back and upper chest are nice and warm feeling. I never did sunburn completely just a little pink. whew. But I am getting rid of those dreadful tanlines for my strapless dress 🙂

So this Friday I get to see what the “big surprise” is from my friend Evelyn. All I knew is I needed a white dress. And apparently I’m not to make any plans this entire weekend. I have no idea what’s going on but apparently the fiance does. I trust him completely though but I have to say I’m getting a little excited to know :). He is good at pulling fast ones over on me a lot though.

Okay well I won’t bug you with anymore ramblings, this time anyway 🙂

Peace, Love & Ramblings!

0 thoughts on “A Case of the Monday's

  1. Hahah that is hilarious, sounds like something I'd do with the eyeling on my nose! You are too cute! I can't wait to see your wedding pics 🙂

  2. It gets so exciting the closer you get to the big day. I'd suggest not adding the “noseliner” on the big day. ;o) Have fun with your surprise!! Hang in there.

  3. Ahhhh you're getting married sooo soon! You're gonna look great in your dress and swimming burns so many calories so you're good!

  4. oh my gosh, if I could only count the number of times i've dropped my eye liner or mascara and its smeared down my face! UGH! Its such a pain in the ass to get off too!

    Geez Louise the things women hae to do!

    As for this weekend! I bet you're so excited! I can't wait to find out what the surprise is!!!

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