First Day of School

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Today I am sad. Why you might ask? Well, this is my first day back to school after the summer break. After a CRAZY summer school that ended in me having a baby on the day I was supposed to take my final and I wound up having to take it a week later. Then an even more crazy and hectic summer. Today is the first day back to school and I’m torn.

I’m excited to be starting back because there were times this summer I was bored, but at the same time, I have this gorgeous baby girl! Now if you think about it, from the time I had her until now, that was 7 weeks (4 days) ago which makes it a week longer than if I had to work and go back after the 6-week maternity leave that is typical here in the US (although I don’t think all businesses offer that, I don’t really know…)

I’m sad because now I’ll be missing out on 2 nights per week with her. I’ll be missing out on 2 afternoons with her. But my schedule is so great and I know she’s in GREAT hands! But Mommy might just cry today when I drop baby girl off with my grandma. Although I can tell you my grandma is extremely excited about watching her for me!

So anyway I don’t think this post has any great thoughts in it. It’s a little discombobulated just like my brain seems to be right now… so I’ll just leave you with this…

This picture is from starting kindergarten. I guess that when I went to kindergarten I went from the babysitter’s house. I was soooo excited to start school that I wouldn’t even let my daddy take me to school the first day, which made him sad. Instead, I insisted on riding the bus with the other kids. In 2nd grade, I switched grade schools in our district and I was scared to death to go to school so I made my daddy walk me in and I clung to him for dear life.

Daddy, I’m sorry I took that first day of school pleasure from you! I think I might need you to come hold my hand again today!

He actually offered last fall! He’s the greatest!!

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