End of School

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Last night was Tbug’s end of school performance.  With everything that has happened around these parts, it was nice to see all these little kids having fun.  They started with the pre-school program and then moved the grade school kids up from Thursday night to last night.

There’s that cutie!

She was a narrator in the skit.  It was the Tree skit… I’m sure most of you know about the tree and the boy.

By the end she was the stump left over from everything the tree could give the boy.

Then they sang, “All You Need is Love.”

Now you see this ornery boy next to her?

the one in the blue shirt there…

he started tickling her halfway through and she danced around…

Then they received their awards.  She excelled in Spelling & Athletics.

hehe there she is again, just had to throw this in there, make sure you knew which cutie to look at… 🙂

Then they get medals with their names on them.

This is her class.

here she is with a beaming daddy.

and me… (and on a side note, no I did not perm my hair, it is naturally curly, I just let the curls come out to play)

And here we were, the 3… 🙂

It was so nice to see all the cute little kids having a fun time!  Bring on the 3rd grade… OMG 🙂

0 thoughts on “End of School

  1. Congrats to T Bug! You look like a very happy family.
    Psst , the ornery boy likes her ! watch out PC , its starting already ! !

  2. She's precious! You know who she reminds me of? Abigail Breslin! Little cutie!!

    I love your hair curly! Looks adorable!

  3. Love your hair curly! Love TBug! What a cutie. What a nice way to celebrate after so much destruction.

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