Ads and the Weekend

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Hello Monday! I’m sitting here, listening to my baby girl talk about packing up to go to the “hotel” for the 15th million time (no joke). She’s obsessed with hotels and staying at hotels and packing for hotels. I think she’s stayed at a hotel maybe 2 handfuls of times since she’s been alive. I’m not talking days, but different trips. But she’s totally OBSESSED with hotels.

Every time we pass a hotel she comments on the hotel. There’s one about 15 miles from here that every time we pass it she comments she wants to stay there. Every time. I’m not kidding. This is NOT an exaggeration. And we pass this hotel about once a week if not more.

In other news, I got sidetracked this morning looking at more recipes that I’m going to save but will probably never make. I want to write a cookbook so bad but I keep questioning it… whose to say that I would sell any. With the millions of cookbooks on the market, what makes a person actually think, I’ll buy this cookbook over that one. I mean have you been to a bookstore lately and seen the amounts of cookbooks on the shelf? Maybe not… cookbooks are becoming a thing of the past these days. It’s really sad.

But I bring all of this up because… I ran across a recipe this morning for Hot Chocolate Dip. As I scrolled through it looking at the ingredients and the words of the blogger, I got tickled by the ad that was in the middle of the page.

Do you see the irony there? It’s a recipe full of sugar with an ad in the middle for the 3Step Sugar Detox. I couldn’t help but laugh about that… seriously. Anyway… moving on….This was an interesting weekend! Friday was National Pizza Day… did you know that? Friday afternoon I went and shot my friend… haha… as in we had his senior photo session… FINALLY! Isn’t it fun to be a photographer and say you shot someone. In fact, on second hand, maybe I shouldn’t because…. That could give people the wrong idea even though… We used his car in the photos and I swear I came up with a photo that looked like an ad out of a magazine…

Toward the end of our photoshoot, the air chill dropped 10-15 degrees and the wind came from the North. I knew that we were supposed to have some icy conditions on Saturday and that they were supposed to come in on Friday night but dang. Brrrr!

After the photoshoot, Deb, Hubby, DW, Abug, and I went to celebrate National Pizza Day in fashion. We had this excellent Margherita style pizza called the Deb (perfect), a Mutha (which is a supreme), and a Chicken Bacon Ranch along with a cheese bread appetizer. Yum!

Saturday’s icy conditions came in with a blast. It was so slick out that the rocks in our driveway wouldn’t  hold up against the blast. Our driveway sits on a slope and hubby went sliding as he walked across the rocks. He never fell but later I followed and I hit a few slick spots too. Needless to say, the horses didn’t go out that day. We didn’t want them to get hurt! The barn was a much safer bet.

So not much happened around here this weekend except I got a small hole the size of a pencil tip in my nose. What? Yes, Abug dropped a water down to me from our catwalk, it slammed into my face and put a small hole in the bridge of my nose. Shame on me, I yelled at her. I hate to say that. Mother of the year award right here. Gosh, I suck some days.

Oh and the icing on the cake… well there is no icing on the cake… We pulled out hubby’s popcorn maker and made homemade buttered popcorn this weekend. Along with that, he made homemade tater tots. We thought we needed an egg for them so I went to crack it and stopped. Well then I had to do something with the egg so I made chocolate cake. YUM!

So, how was your weekend?

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  1. Sorry for the really cold temps, but it sounds like you made the best of it. My kiddos are all crazy about hotels too. I guess I can remember the excitement a little from my own childhood too. There is something fun and a little mysterious about the long empty hallways lined with doors and the little rooms to explore. Brody always thinks the little kitchenette areas are just for him to pretend to cook. Haha! I think cooking blogs are more the “rage” these days. I never use cookbooks anymore and just google or pinterest search for recipes. Of course, I don’t really cook all that often except pretty basic meals so I am probably a terrible judge. Ha!

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