Icy Thoughts

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Around these parts the last few years, we haven’t had snow. But this year, we’ve made up for that. Even at that, we’re still very dry! We’re kind of working on a drought which isn’t a good thing. Luckily yesterday and this morning early it rained. We were supposedly supposed to be 100% chance of rain today which would cause flooding, but it isn’t raining right now. I do hear we’re in for a good ice storm tonight maybe. Yuck! I hate ice. Reminds me of 2007.

What happened in 2007? well, we were without power for a week because of ice. It knocked out power for our entire area. Dropped a tree limb on the trunk of my car. Caused us to have to bucket water from the creek a mile away. We had ice in the bed of the truck a couple inches thick because it would slosh out of the buckets and into the bed of the truck. The night that the lights came back on I screamed for joy! We were pulling in my parent’s driveway with water and for some reason, I got out and was in the bed of the truck. My dad was looking back at me and heard me scream and I scared him. It was crazy to see the lights flip on in the dark like that. I definitely wouldn’t have made it in the 1800’s. Although truthfully I probably would have because I wouldn’t have known any different…. right?

That was in January. A very cold month. In fact, so cold that our house was 40˚F. I could see my breath while I was brushing my teeth with bottled water. I slept in 2 pairs of socks, shorts, sweatpants, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hoodie with the hood pulled up over my head. 4 or 5 blankets piled on my bed. And still laid awake shaking I was so cold. On the 3rd or 4th night of this, I took a chair down and stuck it right in front of the fireplace and stuck my feet right in the fireplace. I was that cold.

I went to work with my house slippers (which is really gross if you think about it… bringing work home on house shoes) because my feet were so cold. It got to the point I was brushing my teeth in the morning at work because there was running water. Poor electric company guy, I yelled at on the phone because we didn’t have power. It wasn’t his fault but I couldn’t sleep at night because I was shaking so hard/bad that I was going on 3 or 4 days without sleep by the time I talked to him. I apologized for yelling at him but he upset me.

My sister in law just told me it was 60˚ this morning and has dropped to the upper 30’s. Yuck! So every time they talk about ice… my skin crawls. Looking out the window I see rain. Two weekends ago we got about a quarter of an inch of ice. Our driveway was so slick that with the slight slope we have, hubby went sliding down it sideways. He’s a little more graceful than I am. If I would have gone sliding like that, I would have fallen flat on my rump.

So that’s the excitement happening around these parts. How’s life treating you?

Oh and if you’re wondering… the photo above is a picture I took on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re thinking about putting it in our auction in April for the Trails for Kids where we raise money for our local CP Center. The question is, how to frame it.

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