Johnboat Cafe – Take 2 – Duenweg, MO

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So last year I wrote my first ever restaurant review on Johnboat Cafe.

We stumbled in on a whim and found one of our favorite restaurants to eat at.  That day, dad, hubby and I all ate the Pork Tenderloin sandwich but we’ve all since gone back and tried Gator, Crocodile, Gumbo, fish, whatever.  There are so many fun things on the menu and hubby is all about the fishy type foods.  I always try a bite of his, but generally stick with my Pork Tenderloin sandwich.

In fact, we like this place so much we’ve taken my mom, my grandma, my mother-in-law and I’ve told so many people about it, it’s not even funny.

So a few weeks ago hubby and I decided to grab lunch and chose to go to Johnboat.

After we placed our order, I wandered around taking more pictures.  I’m sure some of the patrons in the restaurant looked at me like I’ve lost my mind, but most days I’m used to that look :).

I think he has as much of an addiction to cookbooks as I do.  I always love looking through the cookbooks on his shelves.

Like I said, I went with the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and it didn’t disappoint.  It was nicely breaded and cooked.  My only complaint, I burnt the roof of my mouth, but that was my fault.  I knew it was so good I didn’t even give it a chance to cool before I took my first bite. haha.

Hubby ordered the Whole Catfish.  It comes with hushpuppies he shared with me (yum!), coleslaw and fries.  The catfish was good and that’s saying something because remember I’m not a fish person.

Now, one thing that is a staple here is their Remoulade Sace.  This stuff is phenomenal.  It’s great on the Pork Tenderloin sandwich.  It’s great on the fries.  It’s great with your fish.  It’s great with pretty much anything.

And I’ll just tell you, that little bit there isn’t enough to get you through your meal.  Just sayin!

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