Backwood Cafe & Restaurant – Greenfield, MO

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After a long trek through the woods during the wee morning hours, we were all starving so we headed back to the truck to go in to town and look for some grub.  Mr. T had actually taken us up near Greenfield, MO so we weren’t real sure where we could find breakfast but we drove past the Backwood Cafe & Restaurant and were sold.

I love small towns because we actually had some locals talk to us in the parking lot.  It just makes you feel right at home.

We about made TB sick so he was happy to get grub in his stomach.  He went for the biscuits and gravy.

Mr. T wasn’t so sure about me taking pictures of his food but that didn’t stop me :).  He went with an Omlet, white toast and loaded hashbrowns.  I sure would have liked to have tired those hashbrowns 🙂

I got 2 Scrambled Eggs with 3 pieces of bacon and whole wheat toast.  OMG yum!  It was so tasty to eat this, especially after getting up and walking through the woods at 4am to have no luck.

Hubby went with the big breakfast of Eggs over Easy with hashbrowns and bacon and a side of pancakes.

I might add the pancakes were mighty tasty because yes I tried his pancakes 🙂

This is definitely a place to keep in mind for breakfast if you find yourself out in the woods at a crazy hour of the morning, but I say it’s a place for breakfast no matter what!

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