Scuba Diving – Feeding Fish

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Okay, so I probably shouldn’t admit this, but fish kind of scare me. I’m not sure what it is, but anyway. So when we went to Mermet Springs I told them I would feed a fish. Come on, why not, right? I screamed {yes underwater} the first time one took food from my fingers and screamed again when I touched one.

Yes I am a country girl. No I really haven’t ever been fishing. Don’t sue me. So here’s proof that I fed fish, and the others did too. lol.

AL feeding the fish

Those are my fingers holding the hotdog.

AL again.

Zebra Girl looking over the platform for the catfish that were swimming below all the perch.  The day before we actually got the catfish to swim up and take hotdogs out of our hands, but of course no one had a camera to catch that.

I am Okay!

Hubby and my BC hooked up to our tanks waiting to go down.

One of the dive computers. There are many different types.

This is LL’s dive computer. JT was teasing him saying it was ancient. I have no idea!

LL’s has to have this piece on his tank so that the computer will read correctly. What’s funny is he forgot to turn it on at one point so they said you heard him banging on it because you have to hit it to turn it on.

Let’s just say it sucks when your mask fogs over!

You know me because of my pink tank :). However, red is one of the first colors in the spectrum to lose color so I’m wondering what my pink would look like down further. This is at the 15 foot platform.

We were also playing with the Tonka Truck down on the platform. Who knew pushing a toy around like that could be so much fun.

Zebra Girl.


Me feeding more fishies. (ha fish).

I did manage to catch a shot of the catfish.

Our tanks waiting for us… Grady, AL, hubby and mine from L-R. The yellow on the other side was Zebra Girls and the big steel up here by my pink is JT’s.

Happy Wednesday.  Are you sick of Mermet Springs yet?

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  1. Ha Ha- I love that your tank is pink! That just rocks.

    I just don't think I could ever talk myself into diving. I'm adventurous but that is a little more adventurous than I am!

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