A Saturday Post: The Lake

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Let’s just state for the record… if you don’t like pictures, today’s post is definitely not for you… we’re looking at 33. It’s just a days worth of photos and truthfully, there were more, I weeded it down to 33. FYI over. Now let the post commence.

Whoever heard of or thought of getting up before 7am on a Saturday is out of their mind. This is probably why I didn’t marry a farmer… lol :). This last weekend a huge group of our friends went down to the lake. Hubby and I decided we’d meet up with them Saturday for a day at the lake. (the rest were camping!!) Abug woke up her cheery normal self and was eating animal crackers to start her day. This kids momma didn’t raise a fool. lol :). Then on the drive down she took in a little snooze. Again, her momma didn’t raise a fool!

Down on the state line between Missouri and Arkansas is a town called Seligman. They recently got a Walmart so I sent Tiffany a message asking if they needed anything, we could stop. They wanted 5 gallons of water, 4 cases of bottled water, and some cheap red solo cups. At first we thought they were joking so I verified… nope not joking so we stopped and picked that up. Then came the challenge of getting that stuff into the bed. It was a joke that we couldn’t fit anything else in the bed of the truck, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t much joking there.

Chris and his wife Anissa have a Pontoon. While we were back up at the campsite we loaded stuff up on the pontoon and then road it over to the drop off point.

They decided to just go do a tour and take the kids out. Abug can’t go without mommy and daddy of course so we all jumped on the boat and headed to the rock for jumping fun. Abug had never ridden on a boat so this was her first time. She thoroughly enjoyed it from what I can tell.

Once we got to the rock, hubby and the older kids minus KS got off to go jump off the rock. We tried to convince KS to go as well but she was nervous. Eventually I talked her in to going and jumping in with me. We got her up on the rock and hubby went to the water side and told her to jump in. Yes she had on a life jacket but she was nervous. I told her I’d trust my life to my husband and I mean that. So we finally got her to jump in and she had a blast. She even jumped in a few more times without hubby having to catch her. Don’t worry, I took my turn jumping in as well.

Kiran stayed on the boat with CL and Abug. CL wanted Abug to sit next to him. When Kiran went to get the picture Abug fell forward and looked at her like, it’s okay, this happens all the time.. ha! I jumped twice and then got back on the boat so Chris and Kiran weren’t stuck having to watch both little ones.

Then Chris drove us around the lake telling us where different diving sites were located and what you could find there. We also made our way to the dam. You can actually see the dam from our normal dive site so that’s pretty cool. I’m so glad Chris was driving though because I got lost. Apparently lake navigation isn’t my thing.

It was about lunch time when we headed out so we were a little hungry. I broke out the Cheetos to get us by. Abug loves Cheetos. Now CL won’t talk to me, look at me, nothing. He’s around 2 or so now. So I was buying his love and friendship with Cheetos. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

And don’t worry, we got the “driving” picture. Note that the boat was turned off and docked to the shore.

Tiffany & Dan had their dog Riley there. Abug LOVED Riley. She’s a great dog too. Look, she looks so amused we put the floaty on her, doesn’t she?

Finally Abug was needing a nap and Chris was taking the next boat load of us out. They had room for 2 more passengers and I knew the boat ride would put Abug to sleep. Yup, it did the trick. We hung out on the boat while the next group jumped off the rock. Tiffany’s daughter BH didn’t want to get off the boat so she hung out with us.

While we were out with this boat ride, hubby and some of the other guys got a dive in in the cove. Then eventually Chris took us all back, loaded up the divers and they went out and dove the foundations.

When they got back, we headed back up to the camp area and hubby, Abug, and I went and took a shower. Then it was time for dinner.

Earlier in the week or a week before that maybe Lee found a beer can burger on facebook. We decided that would be dinner for the night. Kiran had gone back up with some of the kids to start working on putting dinner together.

So basically, make a ball of hamburger, wrap it around a beer (pop) can, wrap bacon around it, make your filling, fill your burger, grill for 1 hour and bam, you have a burger.

Our filling consisted of onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, chili, seasoning, cheese (and I think that’s all….) They went ahead and pre cooked the fillings.

They didn’t figure the kids would be much into the filled burgers so we made regular burgers for them. I use that word we very loosely here :).

These 2 are always the ones cooking, have you noticed from the other lake pictures. ha!

This stuff is like CRACK! It’s cream cheese, cheddar cheese and chili. OMG! Crack I tell you.

Dan and Tiffany’s son’s birthday was this particular day so his girlfriend was in the camper decorating his birthday cake. I’m not sure what it was because we left before they broke out the cake. We were pooped.

Dan & Lee. Enough said 🙂

The master piece. I ate mine without a roll but others used the rolls that Kiran and Lee brought for their burger. Hubby and I ate ours with a fork.

We left around 8 or so and headed home. Baby girl fell asleep in the truck. Luckily we gave her a bath at the lake because she slept all the way home. Woke up long enough for a diapy change, went back to sleep and slept until 9am Sunday morning. I point this out because she’ll usually wake up at the house when we get home and she’s awake for a while. Not this time. She had a busy day!

We had so much fun, Thanks for inviting us down guys!!!

So now you’ve experienced our Wednesday night, Thursday night, My Friday, our Friday night, our Sunday, and now our Saturday. What other day of the week do you need to experience? ha!

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