Operation: Happiness

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Jacin over at She Said Yes! Posed a very interesting question,

What Makes You Happy?

Then she posted her 15 things and made a challenge…

You know, with all the hard times in the world lately, if you think about it you do get caught up in the pessimistic side of life instead of the optimistic side. In fact, this sounds bad, I love to know the news and what is going on but I hate having to listen to what the news people want to talk about. There are great things going on all over the world but they all have hidden agendas and I got fed up with it. In college every morning I woke up and watched the Today Show. It was my favorite up until the most recent presidential election and I got so mad listening to them that pretty much I gave up watching news. Now I hunt it down or wait for someone to tell me there is an interesting story because it came very apparent that News is a business, not reporting things but trying to get people to believe what they wanted them to… Anyway I’ll stop on that before I really get started!

Back to the Question at hand, 15 things that make me happy…

  1. My Sweetheart! He loves me, cares about me and is there for me when I need him. We deal with tough issues together and we have each other’s back.
2. My Family! Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have backed me and stood behind me 110% of my life!

3. Working. Ok call me odd, that’s fine but I’m not going to say so much that I have to get up and go to work every day, I like the benefits of working, Great co-workers and money which gives me the satisfaction to pay my bills.
4. The smell of Fresh cut Hay & Grass. Nothing beats it but a close tie would be when you smell a rainstorm blowing in
5. Traveling. I love to travel. I don’t care where I go, I want to go. My goal is to go to all 50 states and a few more countries!
6. Riding & Showing horses. There is so much freedom there!

7.  I Love to see my dogs bound out at me, even when I’m pulling in the driveway and they won’t get out of the way. It just means they are happy I’m home!
8.  I love to cook! I have way more cookbooks than I’ll ever be able to use I’m sure. I could have a different recipe every night and not make it through all my cookbooks but I love cookbooks and I love to cook!
9.  It makes me happy to have a clean house.
10.  It makes me happy to spend time with my [step] daughter. Even if I do feel mean sometimes 🙁

11. Sleep and naps make me happy as well. I like to feel refreshed, not exhausted!
12.  The time in the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas makes me happy. There is something in the air, in the people, just an all around happy feeling.
13.  I’m happy when I can put away my coats for the season. I don’t like being cold and when the heat rolls around I’m happy!
14.  I’m happy riding around on the tractor helping my dad mow, rake & bale hay. There is peace there, except when you get annoying songs in your head.
15.  I am happy spending time with my grandparents. I always thought they were invincible until I lost one set a couple years ago. Now I know not to take them for granted.

So what makes you happy?

Peace, Love & Happiness

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  1. One mangy old cowboy : ), my dog partner, my horse partners, native grass- ever blade of it, cows, Christmas ( and Christ), your blog (cause I love love stories).

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