Last Day at 26 Years Young

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Oy! I swear, everyone thinks I’m kidding but this birthday is hitting me harder than any other… It must have something to do with everything that is going on, that’s all I can seem to figure out. It isn’t a milestone birthday…
16 – Driver’s License – Been There, Done that
18 – No longer a “kid” – Nope
21 – Oh now you can drink if you want to – Not all it’s cracked up to…
25 – Hey your insurance drops – or in my case 26 but whatever
30 – You are no longer in your 20’s – Check, still there… for now
40 – Start hearing the Over the hill jokes – Oh boy I can’t wait
50 – More over the hill jokes – Yeah
60 – Approaching Retirement Age – definitely looking forward to this one but by the time I get there I probably won’t be able to….
70 – Becoming a kid again – Still up in arms about this…
80 – You have the world at your fingertips
90 – Woohooo you are still alive!!!
100 – Seriously?? Imagine what all you’ve seen in your lifetime at the age of 100!

Nope 27 doesn’t fall into any of those categories. I think I might only have 2 more birthdays, then I’ll do what the norm is and stick with 29. I’ve even heard people subtract once they hit 30. They say they are 29 minus 1 🙂 haha. Truthfully I think age is fairly irrelevant to an extent. My great grandma died at 94 years old and no one knew how she was until they put up her headstone. My other great grandma made it to 101. My great grandpa was 10 days shy of his 108th birthday when he passed away. See you just never know.

Over the weekend we had PC’s daughter so we celebrated my birthday then with her, that way she could be involved. It was funny because I gave her a hug and thanked her for my present (a new standing jewelry box) and she goes, why you thanking me, I didn’t have any part in buying that. haha… Kids are brutally honest!

We had my mom & dad, my grandparents (who my grandma and I share a birthday), Memaw, Tbug, PC & myself at the house for lunch. PC smoked a pork Tenderloin and his fabulous cabbage. My mom made my favorite potatoes. My grandma brought a Peach Cobbler. Memaw brought a triple decker cookie cake (like I had last year) and Tbug made me a single layer cookie cake.

As I said, PC, Tbug, dad and mom got me this:

My grandparents gave me money.

Memaw gave me this cookbook. This lady is outstanding. You can also go to YouTube and search for her, she has her own facebook page as well. She’s 94 years old. Reading this cookbook is fun! She gives stories from living in the Great Depression.

So people ask this question, Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. Then later they ask, well are you where you thought you’d be 5 years ago, 10 years ago, you get the picture. I wish when I was 20 I’d have written down where I thought I’d see myself in a few years because I can tell you that no, I’m not where I thought I’d see myself. Is that a bad thing, absolutely not.

I’m not sure I want to answer that question anymore, I think I’ll just stick to the day to day matters and see where those take me…

I hope you all are having the most wonderful Thursday. Me, not crazy about Thursdays, it’s just a tease it isn’t Friday but I’m not sure I want Friday this week, it’ll make a year older… but hey one good thing to come out of it, PC and I are having our first Shower (minds out of the gutter please), I’m talking wedding shower, bridal shower, what ever you’d like to call it. We both work for the same company and so they are throwing US a shower :). Looks like this will be our only shower. Oh well, at least we get the experience of having one 🙂

Peace, Love & Thursdays!

0 thoughts on “Last Day at 26 Years Young

  1. Hah! Like I said – I'm 32. It's not that different than 25 cept I have more $$ and can't eat like I used to.

    My grandparents were mostly in their late 90's when they passed away. My Dad's mother died with a full head of black hair – only had grey on the sides. So looks good for us – it's all genetics (& how you eat).

    I LOVE Clara. I used to watch her “show” (youtube) all the time.

  2. Jacin – Thank you!

    PC – Thank you Baby!

    Dancy – You're right, it's no different! And I think we do have the genetics although I'll probably have a full head of white hair, it's in my genetics 🙂

  3. Age is just a state of mind. At her 80th birthday party my grandma told me that inside she was still a girl of 16. I'm getting so I really understand what she meant.

    I actually like getting older. It's so fun to see folks who used be kids, all grown up now and successful and happy.

  4. I still think of myself as being 27 often times. I just somehow got stuck there in my mind. It's a good age. Wish I were actually 27–sort of.

  5. Happy almost birthday! I kind of felt the same way this year. I turned 24. What an uneventful birthday age! I'm looking forward to next year at 25, but not really sure why. Guess it just seems like the next big year…

  6. CCC – My fiance's mom says you have to get older but you don't have to grow up 🙂

    Jo – I'm sure 27 isn't bad, I really think it must be everything going on right now getting at me 🙂

    Jenna Renee – 25=Car insurance dropping 🙂

  7. Happy Early Birthday! I'm sure 27 will have some great things in store- they're just more surprises than the milestone years! 🙂

  8. Teenage Bride – Thank you!

    Jordan – Thank you! Yup it brings me my best friend in marriage 🙂

    Leanne – Thank you!

    TMTDSLT (I'm lazy :)) – oh boy if 27 is tough for me maybe 37 will be a breeze??

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