The One Where I Show You What I Wore

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Wow, I’ve never done this… and I can’t guarantee I’ll do this again… But I was feeling extra spunky I guess…

That and I didn’t think you wanted another recipe post, however right now, that’s one of the biggest things going on in my life it seems like and therefore, I have lots of recipe posts :).

Anyway if I could have it my way, I’d wear jeans every day, but at work, that isn’t an option.  You have to dress up 4 days a week… I could wear dress pants, but I hate wearing dress pants, I guess the winter does that to me, so in the summer I dress in dresses, skirts & Capri’s a lot.

Here’s one of my work outfits 🙂

So I can’t promise tomorrow you won’t get a recipe post :)…

0 thoughts on “The One Where I Show You What I Wore

  1. CUTE skirt!!! 🙂 I have a clothes post rolling around in my head today.. if I can get an extra moment to take pics and get it done. 😉

  2. Ahhhhh, I love outfit posts!! I am so with you…I am skirts and dresses all the way. You are adorable!

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