One Year Ago… Part XI

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I knocked on the door and was greeted by the cutest little Boston Terrier bouncing off the screen door. Then I heard his voice holler at me, “Come on in. You’re Early.”

“Yeah but I didn’t speed.” I still don’t think

“I’m almost ready. I didn’t expect you that soon. I figured I had more time.”

“Well we have to drive to Springtown.”


“That’s what we always called it in college. Anyway it takes an hour.”

“Um… it takes about 45 minutes from here….”

“No it doesn’t.”

Yes that continued on for a while. So when he was finished getting ready I had to razz him about a girl being early and ready to go before a guy. Then we went and got in my car.

Talk about nervous. And when I get nervous, I have a tendency to ramble. I will talk about anything and everything and sometimes it’s nonsense. I think I proceeded to talk about the CD playing in my car. I know lame right… So then I started talking about the photos that a friend of mine and I took earlier that spring. We thought it would be fun to be “models” so we started taking photos and posing for pictures. I had him pull out my laptop from the back seat and told him to open up the folder and look.

Another advantage to me driving is I knew my way around town. And he was right, we made it in 45 minutes. So we had lots of time to kill so I proceeded to drive him around town and show him all the places I lived and the ever popular “art” in this person’s yard. It is a meat cleaver carved in the top of a tree.

It finally got time to head to the south end of town where the restaurant was and again, knowing my way, I made it in excellent time. I pulled into the parking lot and sat there and texted my friends wondering where they were. They were about 15 minutes behind us. Once they finally pulled into the parking lot and parked, we all got out and the introductions started. Kalem & Evelyn were excited to meet this guy I wouldn’t shut up about. Jason was fine either way, Josh, didn’t care to meet this guy at all. We proceeded into the restaurant and met up with the rest of the group.

The waitress came around asking what we wanted to drink and who was on whose tab. We’d never talked about if he was buying mine or not and I was prepared to buy my own when he spoke up and said I was on his ticket. Ok no pressure on my part. I think that actually made me even more nervous. To me that made it an official date. I guess I really thought this was just 2 friends meeting up to reminisce about old times… and now I was on my first date in forever. Dinner went great!

At the end of Dinner Evelyn said we needed to go to the mall. Debs was having a sale on dresses. I grinned and Kalem goes, oh she wouldn’t make him go with all of us. I grinned right back and said,” Oh really?” Then I looked at him and asked if it would be ok? He said that’s fine and Kalem rolled his eyes. It was official we were headed to the mall, shopping. The J’s, Kalem & Evelyn got in Jason’s car and we got back in mine and off to the mall we went.

Once at the mall he struck up a conversation about electronics or computers or something with Kalem & Jason. Cha-ching, that’s the in key right there… know about technology πŸ™‚ with those guys anyway. After we made our purchases at Deb off to Dillards we went. Evelyn had a dress there she wanted to find and purchase for a cruise. Josh’s foot was hurting him so he lagged behind, but he lagged behind for more reasons than that.

After we made all the purchases at the mall we could we parted ways and the two of us headed to my friends Jamie & Brian’s so they could meet him too. Yes all my friends wanted to meet the guy I wouldn’t shut up about. We were there until around midnight when we finally decided we needed to head home.

We made it home in great time. When we got there, his mom was home from work. We sat in my car and chatted for at least an hour.

So now it is 2am and I’m still at his house. I was getting tired but at the same time got my second wind. We got out of my car to say good night. It was so awkward. There was this funny tension between us, you know the end of a date, do you say nice knowing you and leave? Well this has been fun, I’ll call you, we should do it again sometime… what? or do you kiss or hug or walk away… I hate the awkwardness. Especially since I hadn’t been there in ages.

So instead of ending it, we prolonged the inevitable and continued to talk. Go figure… LOL. At about 3am I realized I was exhausted and I really did need to go home and go to sleep. I proceeded to try and leave again. This time I was a little more serious. Plus that late in the night or that early in the morning, however you look at it, I was COLD! So that brought us closer together. He said he had extra body heat so we proceeded to hug. Hey, he kept me warm, I didn’t care! πŸ™‚

Ok must go home, back to the awkwardness!

How will this evening end?

Guess you’ll have to come back again to find out πŸ™‚ I know I’m mean but to be continued.

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