Better than Almost Anything Cake

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We should add SUPER SIMPLE to that name!   With school and work, I’m sometimes a little busy.  So when my husband’s family reunion came around he said, let’s take something.  Hmmm… ok what is easy that can be made and transported a couple hours away, still stay warm, etc.  I thought, hmmm…. this sounds good, lets try this!

This is easy… try it NOW!

Make your favorite chocolate cake, or a boxed cake mix will do!

Even bake it like normal directions!  See so far so simple 🙂

Next take it out of the oven.  Allow it to cool for about oh 15 minutes or so.

Then pierce the crap out of it with a fork or wooden spoon.

Still with me.  Yup, still that easy!  Now, open a can of sweetened condensed Milk.  Pour it all over the top of the cake.

Now about 15 oz (give or take) of hot fudge or caramel on top of the sweetened condensed milk.

Cover and chill for 2 hrs up to overnight.  As you can tell my plastic wrap clung to the chocolate… next time a pan with a lid or else aluminum foil might be a better route.

Make sure to defrost (put in the fridge) your whipped topping.  1 small tub or half of one large tub of frozen whipped topping is applied after the cake/sweetened condensed milk/fudge has had a chance to chill.

And chop with nuts or mini chocolate chips or mini butterscotch chips or mini caramels or something of the shorts.  We went a combo of mini chocolate chips with mini butterscotch chips.

And that’s it.  Yup, it’s that easy!

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