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I’m not going to lie… I feel like this guy right here right now…


I don’t know why either.  Christmas is my mostest favoriteist (yes, that’s a word/phrase, didn’t you know that) time of the year… really between Thanksgiving & New Years.  But this year, something is eating at me.  I don’t know what it is.  I can’t explain it.  I feel like a big grouch.  I want this feeling to go away!

I’m sure the fact that I have a cold trying to take me over isn’t helping my mental clarity.

However, I had a nice encounter at the store the other night.  It made me smile.  A lot.  And I think that’s just what I needed.

Hubs didn’t feel real well and asked if I’d stop and get him Sprite.  Now, if you know me any at all, I’m not crazy about Sprite, I prefer 7-Up.  So I stopped at the store but the Coke products, including Sprite, were 5 for $5.  Now we’ve pretty much given up drinking pop at our house (soda for those of you that don’t speak my lingo) but lately I’ve wanted something other than tea or water, so when I saw the 5 for $5 I thought hmmm… that’s a good deal.  Of course I only ran in to get a 2-Liter bottle and a tub of ice cream so I didn’t grab a cart or a basket so you should have seen me, I was the sight walking through carrying 5 2-Liter bottles of Coke (and Sprite).  I still wanted ice cream (really thought I’d eat that for dinner but then didn’t) so when I got over to the ice cream cases, this nice man looked at me and said, “Thirsty?”.. I laughed and told him I couldn’t pass up the deal.  I told him my husband wanted some so I stopped to get him and saw the deal.  So we made small chat and he walked off telling me to tell my husband to get to feeling better and Merry Christmas.  Ah, I love the sound of that small phrase.

Then I got up to the cash register juggling my 5 2-Liters and my ice cream (healthy I know) and a nice man who only had a huge deal of coffee & a gallon of milk let me in front of him so I could set my items down.  That small gesture was so super nice.  Now before me he let another lady through with 3 2-Liters in her arms, so I made him check out before me, but was so super relieved that he let me set mine down first.  Another Merry Christmas was involved.  See, it’s the small things in life like that, that you just don’t realize how they can make someone else feel, it could make all the difference in the world.

So I guess maybe I’m not a complete scrooge, I’m just not ready for this Christmas.  It will be here and gone before we know it and then we’re stuck with dreary old January.  LOL.

On a different note over the weekend I received a lovely Christmas card from my bloggy friend Jill from Jill’s World and a cute pair of Santa Earrings.

Aren’t they just the cutest?  Sorry about the pic quality… I did it via Instagram.  I play on there every once in a while… look me up, Boomerbear is my name.

I had another great surprise in the mail this week.  FernValley Appaloosas sponsored a give away a few weeks ago for one of her lovely 2012 calendars and I won!  Mine showed up in the mail Monday of this week!!

You should really go pay these gals a visit! 

Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday… I’m going to go de-grump-ify myself 🙂


p.s. Did you realize today (December 22) Winter officially begins and therefore it is the shortest day of the year??  Starting tomorrow we’ll be closer to the summer solstice.  See there’s always something positive, right 😉

p.p.s. Just had to throw this in here 🙂

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  1. had a stumble over my Christmas spirit the other day too I think i we are all a little overwhelmed. Hope it gets better and you skip the cold! Glad you got your calender !Merry Christmas

  2. POP! 🙂 That's what I call it too.
    And why is it that when you think you are getting one or 2 things, one leaves the store with so much more?
    What's your instagram deal? My username is 'farmgirlchaos'. I don't even know how to look people up!
    I hope you have fun de-grump-ifying yourself! 🙂

  3. Yea! That is one great thing about this time of year, people seem to be a little kinder and more considerate. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get better!

  4. Bah, January is so gross! Its so nice when people are nice, and its sad that its such a big deal when people are nice!!

    Merry Christmas! I hope its wonderful and creeps by! Lol!

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