Year in Review July – September

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Hey I remembered to link up again, how cool am I! 🙂

We kicked off July at my house with an awesome pool party, completely with muddy swimming pool water that really looked like a river but smelled like a pool…..  Silly drought and dumb pool liner for getting a hole!

Hubs decided It might not be such a good thing that I eat faster than he does….  Hey I had to do something to keep myself entertained, right?

I had these really awesome blogger friends who signed up to take a disposable camera, snap a few pictures and then send it to the next person in line to show us into their lives.  {Pure Golden Laughter, A Modern Day Wife’s Journey, Teenage Bride, A Small Town Kind of Life & Blogging with Stacy}

And then since we had to redrain the pool to change out the pool liner, Audrey got swimming lessons, and I got an “eat dirt” look….

And my poor husband… he puts up with a lot from me sometimes… LOL But he emits what True Love for me/us is!

Seriously, who needs to go to a water park after this.  NO waiting in line!

I finally found biscuits I could make, get this… without burning them!

Hubs and I still argued over the whole waking up early thing.  This seems to be a common occurrence for us…

And I got my silly hair up into a ponytail!  whooohooooohoooooo (or something like that).  I haven’t had my hair in a ponytail since I chopped it off and donated it back in December 2010.

And apparently I gave you more info about me… I seem to do that a lot… LOL

And then in September I
Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with a trip to Hawaii… is there anything better?!?! I think not!

Hawaii 1
Hawaii 2
Hawaii 3
Hawaii 4
Hawaii 5

Our 1 Year anniversary was spent para-sailing!

Hawaii 6
Hawaii 7
Hawaii 8
Hawaii 9
Hawaii 10
Hawaii 11

Hawaii 12
Hawaii 13

Yeah, that’s pretty much what my September consisted of, well that and Studying….. b/c I guess one B.S. degree isn’t enough…. Someone please have my head examined!

So Merry Christmas Eve Eve 🙂

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