Christmas in August (at least for Karen and me!)

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What is this you might ask? Well let me tell you. Back in June during the Safari Hunt, I really didn’t have any plans of diving. What? Well, Tbug had a dive buddy (he’s a good one too! Thanks Doug!!) and truthfully, I didn’t want to get my hair wet. Strange as that sounds, it is the truth. Because if you didn’t know, Diving isn’t a dry sport. I didn’t have any plans of diving in the actual safari hunt, so I wasn’t all that interested in getting my hair wet. Now I must say, I’m GLAD I did! And here’s why…

Our SCUBAPRO rep was actually in this part of the country that weekend and told Deb and Grady he’d just come down to the lake. Earlier in the spring Deb showed me a flier for the new Hydros BC and tried to tease/taunt me with it, especially because it comes in purple, my favorite color. I didn’t really care so much… I had a nice BC that worked so whatever. I was content.

So Safari Hunt weekend while Scott was in town, he asked hubby if he wanted to try out the new Hydros BC. Well Hubby volunteered me and also said I’d do a product review on the SCUBA blog. So that meant I had to dive. haha.

I twisted real hard to get Tbug to be my dive buddy (read that as she jumped at the chance), I found my 3Mil wet suit, my fins, my dive boots, but not my mask. Finally I got tired of trying to find my mask so I borrowed hubby’s. They set the new Hydros BC up on my SCUBA tank, my regulator, and a dive computer, and I was set.

When I came up from that dive, I was asked what I thought. I looked at hubby and told him my BC was for sale. haha. I had a few problems that came about from that BC, we were able to work through some of them… like one of them, I had a shorter hose because my BC was set up a bit differently, etc. But truthfully I didn’t have any real issues at all.

Deb wanted to try the BC also, so I kept all the stuff up for her and out she went. Everyone laughed because my biggest complaint about that dive was my mask. It was hubby’s and I believe my exact words were, “This mask sucks ass.” Scott wasn’t so happy to hear that. I will mention, since talking to hubby about this mask, I’ve learned how to wear it properly and it doesn’t leak like a siv, but I still don’t care for it. Give me my Flux any day!

Well when I said my BC was for sale… technically we didn’t have a Hydros in stock so I would have been without a BC. Jump forward about a month and Deb’s Hydros that has been on order since spring finally came in. That night we went to their pool to test it out. Well I didn’t because I had an ear infection, but everyone else got to play with it. That day though we put her current Ladyhawk and my Ladyhawk up for sale.

A week later, mine finally sold. But they couldn’t get any Hydros in and the bad thing is, we’re going on a dive trip shortly. Well Karen’s BC was sold years ago because she didn’t like it anyway, so any trip she’s gone on, she’s had to either use a rental or borrow a friends. They planned on getting her a Hydros as well.

Thursday before I had to be to Deb and Grady’s to help out with a Try It SCUBA session, I ran to the dive shop to steal their internet (ours hasn’t been working). Just as I was about to walk out the door the UPS man showed up and Deb told me I couldn’t leave yet. She said that she didn’t want to do it this way, but because I was looking for a BC to use in the pool that afternoon, she’d go ahead and give me a present now. She also gave me Karen’s present. She was able to pull off getting 2 BC’s from a dealer in Utah. They came in Pink, but the guy had the change out colors, so Karen got blue and I got purple.

And funny thing is, for the Try it session, I still dove in Deb’s BC because Karen and Grady were changing out the colors on Karen and my BC :).

Oh and this… well this is the dive computer they let me dive with. But that’s another post for another day! Yup, I’m a tease like that!

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