My Mother’s Day 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is an interesting day, truly. Some people even choose not to celebrate it thinking that it is a Hallmark Holiday, however, those same people are willing to celebrate International Women’s Day. Just a thought. haha. I choose to celebrate Mother’s Day. It might be a Hallmark Holiday but you know… I like Hallmark movies. haha. I wonder if Hallmark tv channel and Hallmark Cards are one in the same… Google… I’ll be for you in a minute.

Now… I was a step-mother long before I was a mother. In fact, 6 years. There is a lot of debate if I got included in that celebration. There’s sometimes a debate if any step-mother’s are included. My husband included me although I didn’t feel like I should. But that’s neither here nor there. I am now a mom too. I guess I do get to celebrate Mother’s Day. Although I should clarify, earlier when I said I celebrated, don’t worry, I celebrated my own mother and my grandmothers.

Anyway, this year I invited my grandma, my mother in law, and of course my mother (after all right now we live in her house) for Mother’s Day dinner. The week leading up, I had no idea what I would make. I like to cook after all! But I was still at a loss for what to make. (more…)

Let Her Tell You About Her Mommy

Today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day. This goes to ALL mothers! Mother’s who have given birth, mothers who have taken other’s kids to raise or help raise, those who have lost, those who have never been able to have their own. Have a great day!

I’m going to end this with a cute little questionnaire from my sweetheart! I’d ask my 15-year-old, but she’d probably get all the answers right, so I’ll stick with the 3-year-old.

My mom is 4 Years old

She likes to Clean and eat too

The best thing she cooks is Pancakes (more…)

Cozumel Mother’s Day Part 2

About half of our group or so stayed an extra few days in Cozumel. 3 different families brought their mothers/fathers/daughters and we wanted to play “tourist” with the additional family members. One of our excursions were to jump on the ferry and travel across to the mainland. Our destination… Chichén Itzá.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Cozumel, I’d definitely suggest taking the ferry across to the mainland. It was about 45 minutes. The cab driver that dropped us off at the ferry station recommended to buy a one way ticket since there are multiple ferry companies that travel back and forth and they won’t accept another ferry companies tickets. It just keeps you from getting stuck for 3 tickets when you only need two.

So this is a real pirate ship that travels around Cozumel but it is actually a dinner cruise from what I’ve researched.


Cozumel Mother’s Day Trip Part 1

In May we headed to Cozumel Mexico. By the time we left I think we all needed a vacation. It was hubby, Abug, my mom, my MIL, and me who were able to go this year along with some other people to round out our trip. It was a lot of fun and after the way my day started I’m ready for some more Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea until my attitude changes!


Once a Gorilla

As they say, Once a Gorilla, Always a Gorilla.

I hate to say it but I’ve taken more pride in being a gorilla these last couple of semesters than I did when I first started out on this journey. Sad, now it’s over. There were a few things I wanted to do that I didn’t, such as attending a football game (while a student). But I guess we all have regrets now and then.

I would say my biggest regret right now, not being more excited on Graduation day. Why you ask? Well I was waiting on results for comps and I was afraid that I didn’t pass which meant I didn’t technically graduate. I felt like a fraud and a phony. I also wondered in the back of my head if because I felt that way and was afraid I’d regret the feelings, if I wouldn’t actually pass comps. I did on both accounts… I also think I owe my family an apology because while they were extremely excited… my guilt took over and I kept saying, “I’m not real sure I graduated…”

That morning we got to the school early. I wanted to take a photo shoot, kind of like “senior” photos. It didn’t turn out exactly like I would have liked. Oh well… I still got some good photos. I wasn’t taking them, hubby was and I couldn’t convey what I wanted. Sad how sometimes you see it in your head but can’t get it in words.


Mother’s Day

Since becoming a mother, I’ve not had a normal Mother’s Day yet. With Tbug I never got to have her Mother’s Day, although her mom did share her a couple Mother’s Day mornings. With Abug, I’ve had her the whole day, no questions asked! but still have yet to have a common Mother’s Day :).

This year proved no different. I actually got my Mother’s Day present the day before because it was a graduation/Mother’s Day present. I got a Nikon AW130 underwater camera. It’s awesome! I had the AW100, but this one goes further down and it has built in wifi. Very cool!

We bought our Mother’s presents so we made sure to pack them up in bags with tissue paper and take them around to the mother’s.


Mother’s Day 2014

A couple of days before Mother’s Day this year, hubby and I were at Walmart standing in the checkout line when it dawned on me that I wouldn’t get to see Tbug this year on Mother’s Day. Obviously, she needs to spend time with her mother on Mother’s Day but usually, our weekends fall on Mother’s Day weekend and she tells her mom she wants to see me so she stays a few hours in the morning and then we meet up to take her back to her mother for the majority of the day.

Last fall we swapped weekends someway somehow some reason 🙂 so she wasn’t with us this weekend. When this dawned on me I teared up. Yup, right in the middle of Walmart. Hubby thought it was cute, I thought I was being ridiculous because a girl needs to see her mother on Mother’s Day. I know that.

Strange coincidence, when we got home that night, her mom sent us a message that said she had to work on Mother’s Day and would we like to spend some time with Tbug on Mother’s Day. Heck yeah :). So we picked Tbug up Saturday night. Well, my momma said let’s do Mother’s Day dinner Saturday night so after we picked Tbug up, we met my parents and grandma at LongHorn for dinner. BTW, gotta love call ahead seating! Just saying!

My mom told us all she wanted was Diet Mountain Dew for Mother’s Day. Well, we got her 2 12 packs of that and 2 12 packs of Diet Coke plus we’ve been remodeling our kitchen (post coming soon) and we have under counter lights that she loved so we’re doing that in her kitchen for her as well.

For my grandma, we’ve been fixing up her RV for her and adding the lights to it as well.

Hubby, Tbug and Peanut got me 2 books (that I can read that aren’t school books yeehaw!!! :))


A Day in the life – Mother's Day

Friday Night when we picked Tbug up, she brought me these papers.  They brought tears to my eyes.

Mother’s Day morning I got the pleasure of having Tbug with us.  She woke me up with my present (which she didn’t have to get me… hubby! but I love you both!!)!!


And a wonderful text from my mommy.  Mom is currently in Germany (every other year she spends Mother’s Day in Germany) so we had her call us so we could wish her a happy Mother’s Day properly.

Tbug wanted to make me breakfast in bed but hubby was pretty sure that if I felt him get up, I’d stumble my way into the kitchen to see what they were doing.  (He’s right.)  We decided that we were going to my parents to ride horses and I was really craving Mocha Frappe so we decided to check out the newly remodeled McDonald’s in town.

We ate inside and just as we were about to leave hubby went to get my dad some breakfast too.  When he came back to the table he asked where Tbug was.  I said she went that way and pointed at the soda machines.  He’s like, maybe she’s going to refill her drink and I pointed to her cup on the table.  She came back with straws (note: my mom loves drinking out of straws so it’s a joke.)

Once we got to Mom and Dad’s house, I let hubby and dad saddle the horses and I took photos of Tulsa to send to mom.  She sent me back a text asking how I got Tulsa to sit still.  I was like, I told her to sit.

Aloha was being ornery so I hopped on her to make sure she didn’t try anything with Tbug.  That’s what I claimed anyway, I just wanted to ride her :). haha.  Tbug’s legs are shorter than mine so I’d look like a monkey in her saddle if I tried putting my feet in her stirrups.

As you may or may not know (depending on how new you are around these parts) we lost one of our ride able horses last fall so dad pulled Superstud (Munchkin) up out of the pasture.  Munchkin is accident prone, someday I’ll explain, but they said he wouldn’t be ridden again, but dad and Munch have proved the vets wrong.  Dad’s ridden him a few times in the last 10ish years.  Dad rode Munchkin, I rode KG, Tbug was on Aloha and hubby rode Mini Me.

We took Tbug to meet her {step}dad at noon then met up with my dad and ate lunch.  From lunch we went to my Mother in Law’s house to check on her hayfield.  Cowgirl wandered out into the field with us.  btw, Hay’s lookin good!!

Then we came back to our house to help dad load up the last of our hay for the horses.  On our way to the house I got a sweet message from Tbug’s Mom.

After we were finished there we started pulling the water off the top of the pool tarp.  By this time last year the pool was already open, but that’s ok, we aren’t having to pull those oak frilly things out of the water!!

 From there I came in the house and finished up Sunday’s blog post.  Yup, I was late on writing it that day 🙂

Then hubby and I put on The Holiday.  Yup, a Christmas movie in May.  No problem by me!!

I finished painting my finger nails and then…

took a nap and smeared my hair in my thumb nail.  This might be one of the reasons I don’t paint my finger nails.  btw, if anyone cares I painted them Mint Apple by Sinful Colors.

We had Grilled Chicken and cheesy California blend veggies for dinner.

And the night ended with a rub.  Yup, he’s rubbing my nose, but I started it 🙂

And there is my Mother’s Day.  A mighty fine Mother’s Day I might add.  The only thing to make it better was had I seen my Mom and my Grandma.

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