Mother’s Day 2015

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Mother’s Day 2015 has come and gone. It was a good day too! Saturday Abug sent mommy some chocolate covered strawberries. Three kinds, the white and chocolate drizzle, Chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate with nuts. In the order, they are listed is the order of yumminess. Abug liked the chocolate coating.

Here while back, I picked out a laptop cover. Guess what showed up for mommy… and I got a new Angel to hang in my car that says Mom Drive Carefully. (My Current one says Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.)

I asked for Pancakes for breakfast.

Then while mommy and daddy were getting dressed baby girl was playing in the boxes. I’m pretty sure that’s all she needs for entertainment.

We then went to grandma’s and grandma helped us make Mother’s Day presents (long story as to why they weren’t done already). We did handprint oven mitts.  We had paint EVERYWHERE including but not limited to our face, grandma’s shirt, mommy’s hand and arm, and grandma’s floors. (Sorry Grandma but I got it cleaned up!)

Then grandma had dinner/lunch for us. Meatloaf, Corn, Green beans, Scalloped potatoes, Homemade rolls, Salad, Fruit Salad, and Strawberry Cake.

It was a fabulous Mother’s Day. I even got a text from Tbug telling me Happy Mother’s Day. This year wasn’t our weekend to have her and while she usually goes home because of Mother’s Day, she’s always there first thing in the morning by choice. It was sad, but we survived.

And just for a fun throwback, this is what I looked like last year on Mother’s Day…..


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