Hand me a blanket, it's a woppin 94 degrees

Okay, maybe not exactly what you need, maybe you need a pool or a cool shower or summer clothes but hey, maybe it got your attention and that’s what I was going for :).

Travel back with me a few years to the year 2007, late January. I just happened to be with my mom one Saturday morning (or maybe afternoon, I don’t remember) and we were at a quilt store. Now she doesn’t quilt but she does sew and she was working on something for me, but I can’t remember what and we were here looking for some material to round out whatever it was she was making me. So as I was walking around I saw the coolest material. It was (now don’t judge me) girls in bikini’s on motorcycles. They looked like European made motorcycles. I just knew I had to do something with this material so we talked about it and a lady over heard us talking. Well she said she was making her daughter a quilt out of similar material but it was hot guys with 6-packs, jeans, cowboy hats & boots standing next to old Chevy pickup trucks. I was intrigued and she happened to have the quilt with her so she showed me. I knew right then and there I was going to make my first quilt. Well actually I wanted to make the guys for myself but they said they couldn’t keep in the guy material. They also had male construction worker’s and female construction worker’s material. Not really my cup of tea but I was able to get on-line to this website and found the guys and ordered some. Anyway here’s the 2 quilts I made.

First up, my very first, the ladies:

Some of the ladies here at work saw this one and thought I needed to enter it in a quilt show… so oddly enough, I did. My grandma hand quilted it and went around every lady & bike so they stood up too. This is just pictures of the top. I wanted to enter my male quilt, but it wasn’t quilted by the time the show came around. They told me at the show that it got A LOT of laughs and blushing older ladies. I could imagine b/c it’s wild compared to most quilts. Just think, my 70+ year old grandma hand quilted it.

Now the male quilt I made myself:

I apparently have a thing for half naked people quilts b/c I now have material to make my friend Evelyn one and PC. Evelyn’s will be Hawaiian guys in swim trunks with surf boards and PC’s is girls in short shorts with crop tops with Old European Sports cars.

I’ve been so busy with this wedding planning and house remodeling. I even bought enough of the Hawaiian guy material so I could make myself an apron :). But shhhhh don’t tell PC! 😉

Peace, Love, and um… cold weather (or hot) 🙂

0 thoughts on “Hand me a blanket, it's a woppin 94 degrees

  1. hahaha that is awesome! sleeping with a bunch of shirtless dudes, hmmm I wouldn't mind that LOL! And ya agree with you on Miley cyrus, I wonder how disney feels about her now!

  2. Not sure who won the contest, but it wasn't me. I was just always known as the girl who made “That” quilt 🙂

  3. You are very talented! Very cute blog. Thanks for stopping by and being my follower—I am following you as well. Have a great weekend!

  4. Fun quilts but on a cowboy wage I get to piece with scraps (memories of dresses I made for 3 little girls) or the best parts of worn out blue jeans. There's nothing like sleeping under a handmade quilt; it just feels different, like getting a hug.

  5. :)) This is GREAT!

    I love this modern-sexy twist on the quilt!

    Just stopped by from Jenns blog! Excited to read more!

  6. haha, rock on! I'm commenting over from mingle monday today and those quilts made me crack up! i too have aspirations to make a quilt one day, but i think they may differ a little from yours… 😛

  7. These are awesome! I thought of you the other day when I was walking the river-front. There was a quilting store, but I don't think they had anything like this 🙂

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