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Life is crazy sometimes… you just never know what to expect or what might get thrown your way. I would say the life I’ve been dealt is good! There are ups and downs and I claim that it is a roller coaster ride, and I truly believe that’s true. You have your ups, your downs, your twists, and turns. All situations you go through mold you, shape you, to become the person you are and the person that God planned on you being. I don’t think when he created us that he had our whole futures mapped out, I think he had a general direction and our life adapts to the situations we are faced with. We have 2 choices and you go your way, and I believe he knows which way you will go, you can’t get anything past him, he knows all but still, I don’t think he had everything mapped out when he created our individual lives, just a general direction but he knows where we’ll go.

Anyway, with that being said, I ran into the love of my life last summer when I needed someone the most. He was actually a friend from high school who we’d drifted apart in the last 10 years. Oddly enough, I found him on Facebook while I was stealing some friend’s internet after I bought my laptop and ran across his name. One of the things I’d found out is that he’d served our country over in Afghanistan. As we got to talking I learned about some people who were very near and dear to his heart, basically brothers from another mother. Those people were Welch, Greg & Tim. Also Greg’s wife Holly & Tim’s wife Krissy.

Late last fall Prince Charming found out that all 3 guys were going to be deploying to Afghanistan again this spring/summer. I told Prince Charming he needed to find out when they were being shipped out because we’d find a time and a way to get down here to see them. He found out the first one leaves in May so this Easter weekend since it was a 3 day weekend we decided to head down here so that I could meet them and Prince Charming could see them before they left.

You want to talk about a great group of people! They were all absolutely wonderful! I’m so glad that they were here for him while he lived down here. He & Welch became excellent friends during their deployment and the friendship continued. Greg & Tim, they’ve been his friends since back when he was in the army and just moved down here.

This has been an absolutely wonderful trip and I’m so glad I got to meet Prince Charming’s “brothers”! I have taken photos of some of the different experiences and I have great stories like farting stories, road trip stories, dog stories, and photos that I plan to share. I bet you are wondering if I really said farting stories. Yeah, they are great ;). Anyway, I just had to share this information that was weighing on my mind. And the absolute best part, I felt like I was just one of the gang (although they talk Military terms, I’m so lost!!!) It’s just great how friendships are formed and made. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Just remember the reason for this season too! Happy Easter!

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