Cozumel México: Isla de Cozumel

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From what they tell me, typically all running around town/the island is done the last day, but our last day was Sunday. We were afraid some of the places we wanted to visit might be closed so we rented Jeeps on Friday afternoon and cruised the island (after getting back from diving, grabbing a bite to eat, and showering). I’m not sure about everyone else, but I had a blast doing that. Karen, Jared, Hubby, and I were in one vehicle, Deb, Grady, and Doug in another, and Dan, Carlene, and Rachele in the third. We had the top off our jeep and it was amazing.

One of our first stops was a bar type restaurant thing outside the entrance to the South Lighthouse. This place we stopped at though, they had hammocks. Yes, hammocks. Get a drink, lay down, relax, and listen to the waves hit the beach. Super awesome.


To go to the south Lighthouse it was $12/person (USD). I thought it was funny our bracelets said dollars. I wonder why but no one else knew either.

Apparently I’m good at making people wonder what I’m looking at. This time I was actually looking at Iguana’s, not peeing. Cool, right?

View from the top of the world… aka the top of the lighthouse.

Going up the stairs to the lighthouse was just breathtaking. Literally… It wore me out :). Coming down, Deb, Karen, and I got a little dizzy. Then Karen asked why people watch the stairs as they’re going down. I’ve never thought about it.

Once we were back down on the ground, we were checking out this Iguana. He was sunning himself.

And this weird creature. He actually came up and put his nose on that lady’s camera.

More views from around the lighthouse.

As we were entering we thought about stopping at the Crocodile pond but there were so many people there we decided to catch it on the way out.

View from the top.

These were the only Crocs we saw though….

Then we got in the Jeeps and headed off. I saw this picture in another group’s photos and soooo wanted it. Grady said he had a place to stop for me and it just so happened to be here. So I set my camera down on the ground, turned my timer on, and ran (quickly walked) around all the holes in 10 seconds to get in the photo. If I would have hit one of the holes I was dodging I would have fallen down into the water below… or at least really hurt my ankle.

This was the rock formation across the water from where we were standing. We didn’t walk over there.

On our way back to the town Cozumel, we stopped here at this store to look at blankets.

On one of our stops, we stopped at a restaurant called Coconuts. I have it in another post. Then we headed back to town for dinner, again, another post. These were the views of the sunset we experienced. And yes, we saw it from the restaurant. The front of the restaurant was open and it was beautiful!

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