Joe Boccardi’s – Eureka, MO

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I’m actually traveling this week for work.  I’ve never traveled for work so this is a new experience.  That’s probably partly the reason for a second restaurant review in 1 week since generally I try to keep them down to 1.  I’m not at home cooking though, so restaurant review you get.  And boy is this place yummy!
One of the locals here for work suggested it.  Joe Boccardi’s.  We are up here by St. Louis in a little town called Eureka.  Now some of you may recognize this because we are in fact in a Holiday Inn across the street from Six Flags.

We plugged Joe Boccardi’s into our GPS and it took us into a cute little place in what I assume was downtown Eureka.  This is Italian food, I was sold!

And it’s a nice little family restaurant.  Look at the specials, come on Prime Rib for $17, that’s actually pretty reasonable.  No, I didn’t get the Prime Rib, I’m just saying.

They had lots to choose from.  Lora told us that their pizza was supposed to be good… I didn’t try the pizza though. 😉

While we waited for our food I saw the desserts menu on the table.  Oh yummo!

Our dinner started off with a salad with dressing of our choice.  I of course chose Ranch.  James (who I’m traveling with) ordered Bleu Cheese… yuck… lol 🙂

And bread.  There was olive oil on the table and small plates so I made myself a little black pepper, Parmesan cheese olive oil dip for my bread.  Yummo!

We so wanted to snatch up these cups and the gal said they had them for sale for $2.  Maybe I should have gotten one to commemorate my first work trip?

We both ordered the Chicken Parmigiano and boy was it yummy!

mine came with a side of spaghetti.  James got baked potato.  I don’t know where my spaghetti photo went and I’m in a hurry so unfortunately I can’t look for it right now.

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 **These opinions are all my own.  They don’t know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

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