Remodeling Journal: The Vanity

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So… here’s a little back information for you about me and Vanities because I’m sure you wondered… My whole life I’ve never had a vanity with drawers. There, I said it.

Growing up at my parent’s house and now back there again, my bathroom sink doesn’t have drawers. I do remember when my parents were building the house I asked for vanity sink drawers, but it didn’t happen.

Moving on to the dorms at school… The sink was sort of free-standing in a way. It just hooked to the wall. It wasn’t completely down. Plus the one in our room I had to share with a roommate. It was the kitchen sink as well as the bathroom sink. It also had… you guessed… NO drawers.

We had community bathrooms in the dorm I lived in. They didn’t have drawers either. I was like vanity drawer deprived.

Then… my apartment, both of them in college, neither one had drawers. What the heck people? I want drawers in a vanity. Okay… moving on…

The Vanity Hunt

So when we decided to take out the closet, that actually gave me a little more room for a vanity. Prior to actually signing for the house, when we were still looking, I found a cabinet I loved. Go figure, I couldn’t find it after I got the OK to look for one. I wish I’d have noted where I found the initial cabinet.

So they gave me 54″ for a cabinet. The first night we had the house, I was told to go to Lowe’s and find a cabinet I like. Just so they kind of had an idea on what I was thinking. So I did.

Jump forward to that night and I found a different vanity I liked on Amazon. AND… it came with a sink, a faucet, and a mirror.

So the sink. I actually picked out a sink at Lowe’s earlier that night and told hubby, this is the sink I want. I took pictures of the sink, the price, the shelf, everything. The sink that came with the vanity was extremely similar to the point I was like, okay.

The faucet. Not the faucet I want. We may live with it for a while but eventually we’ll change it out. We haven’t decided yet.

The Mirror

I DID. NOT. like the mirror. So when Tbug, Abug, and I went shopping that Saturday, I was on the hunt for a mirror. I had seen all the mirrors at Lowe’s. I had searched on the internet. There were a few I liked but nothing that just wow’ed me. So that Saturday we headed out on the hunt for a mirror.

We hit up Hobby Lobby, Target, Michael’s and Kirklands. At Hobby Lobby I just found 1 mirror (above) that I was really interested in, but still not totally sold. That’s why the girls and I headed on to the next store.

Kirkland’s was the place for mirrors! Holy cow!

This next one was one of my top choices! In fact, I almost came home with this mirror.

But in the end… this is the mirror I wound up buying.

So… The other part of the vanity that is hilarious at this point… I had to put the vanity together. No big deal. The vanity itself is sitting in Abug’s room. Oh… and it has multiple drawers!!!!!! So super excited about that. Anyway.

The mirror is at my parent’s house. The sink and the faucet are sitting in the kitchen. Then the flooring for the bathroom is in our room and the shower head used to be in Tbug’s room. Now it’s in the closet in the bathroom. It’s hilarious how the bathroom is spread all over the house :).

Our number 1 goal was to get a bathroom at the house because it beat going outside or having to run to my parent’s house because when you have to go… you have to go.

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