My Bear is Missing :(

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A few weeks ago we went to PC’s mom’s house and Bear went with us. I guess there was a neighbor dog in-heat and Bear jumped out of the truck and came up missing. We found him 6 hrs later waiting for us at PC’s mom’s house looking like, why’d ya leave me?

PC said we weren’t taking him anywhere anymore if he was going to do that. I agreed! Then he became a “Good Bear” and stayed with us. So the 23rd we took him to my parents house with us and my dad’s dog was in-heat… oy! All the male dogs got into a huge fight! He loaded up and went home with us just fine!

Friday night (the 24th) we went shopping for groceries and while we were out we bought “Bear” bread (my dog LOVES white bread, it’s his treat). Then we went home and while I was mowing the lawn and PC was re-wiring a light bear was around. We got up Saturday morning though and he was nowhere to be found. I figured he was out gallivanting or something but he’d be back. Here we are, Wednesday and he still isn’t home. We can’t find him anywhere :(.

Here are some photos we took of him Thursday night on our way to my parents house 🙁

Peace, Love, and I miss you Bear Bear!! (I just hope if someone stole him that they realize he smiles and he isn’t aggressive when he shows his teeth!)

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  1. Oh no! But we had one of our older pups come with us and get lost once. I thought he was a goner especially with all the coyotes around here. He showed up 3 weeks later, thin, very thin. Don't give up on Bear yet.

  2. praying and hoping he comes home safely.

    I am sure you've already, but have you checked all the shelters, and/or put up signs?

    Hope you find him!


  3. oh no!! I don't know what I would do if we could find Ruger!! =( I hope he comes home safe and sound soon!! fingers are crossed

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