Monroe Louisiana: Waterfront Grill

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After we left the Zoo, we decided to sit in the car for a few minutes, cool down, and find a good place to eat lunch. We pulled out our handy travelers guides and mom read one while I read the other. Mom stumbled across a place and read about it and it made my mouth water so I started pulling up their menu on my phone when she got off on another restaurant and decided we were going there because it made Southern Living Magazine so off we went to Waterfront Grill (On the Bayou, 5201 DeSiard St., Monroe, LA).

Going in to this restaurant, I really wanted to eat at the other so I was a little bummed, but I’ll admit, they did have good food!

I haven’t mentioned this before really, but can I just say, Sweet Tea in Louisiana is good. Still not as sweet as people claim it is… but it’s good. Maybe I’m just used to really sweet tea, I don’t know. Either way, soooooo happy they had it. I really don’t drink pop these days so if it isn’t water, my drink of choice is Sweet Tea.

So we actually had a very nice view looking over the Bayou. Do you know what a Bayou is? I googled it just in case. It is a southernism for a marshy lake or river outlet. Now we were actually sitting in doors with this great view! Very cool. They looked like they had outdoor seating but I’m not sure and the booklet where we found them in, said they do special dinner’s on the Bayou with reservations. I’m not sure if that is a boat ride or what, but sounded quite interesting!

My mom got their Ribeye Sandwich minus the bread with a side of veggies. That steak looked really good and Abug ate it up.

Abug went with the Mac and Cheese with chips. haha… I swear this kid ate more mac and cheese on this trip. But she ate off all of our plates as well, aka look above… she loves steak.

So I went with the Samburger. Yes Samburger but I added pepperjack cheese, bacon and mushrooms to it. Made it 100x better IMO anyway :). Then for my side I went with a twice baked potato, but that’s not what the called it. I can’t remember what it’s called in the menu and their website isn’t pulling up where I can tell you exactly. I had to ask but the gal told me and I was sold. And yes, it was good!

Even the parking lot had this view! I also noticed that there were ski jumps in the middle of the Bayou.


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