Hilton Garden Inn, Ft. Worth TX

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Wow, am I coming or am I going? I’m not really sure! btw, did you know this is the last consecutive date we’ll see in our lifetime? 12-13-14. Interesting thought for the day.

So I’m in Ft. Worth, TX this weekend. Hey, I love this town! We’re down here for the 2014 NCHA Futurity. So I thought I’d give you a quick peek at the hotel we’re staying at… the Hilton Garden Inn over on Rosedale. I’m not sure the Rosedale part is necessary, it’s just that’s how I know how to get here.

I had to snag an image from here because I forgot the outside of the hotel. My arms were usually full…  

(the other pictures are mine!!)

So here’s the inside of the room we stayed in:

This is the second time we’ve stayed at this hotel. This hotel is definitely nice! My aunt and uncle even wound up staying here. We didn’t know/realize this until we got down there and started chatting. Great minds think alike :).

Okay so I’ll leave you with this and I’m headed over to the Will Rogers Coliseum.

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