Pumpkin Carving #2 – Underwater

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Last Sunday Tbug took her chances at carving a pumpkin underwater. I stated that Saturday night she tried her hand at pumpkin carving on land since it had been a year since she’d carved a pumpkin. Our local dive shop hosts a yearly underwater pumpkin carving and she wanted to participate. Her dad and I had to divide and conquer that day, he took her to that and I went to a baby shower with baby girl.

Since I couldn’t be there I told everyone to make sure I got lots and lots of pictures.

Around 1 pm all who were going to participate and their diving partners headed to the water. They had 45 minutes or a tank pressure of no lower than 500 psi to carve their pumpkins.

Sysco and Pete were totally having fun stealing this one guy’s pumpkin. I guess even in the water Sysco took it away from the guy and then headed for shore. I wish they’d have gotten video of it… could have been America’s Home Video worthy maybe…

Waiting to enter the water.

And they’re off.

When carving pumpkins underwater, it is best to wait to clean out the inside, otherwise, you have pumpkin guts all around you.

And she’s done.

All participants are the judge. This was the 1st place pumpkin.

All the carvers with their pumpkins.

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