Christmas Tree 2016

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A lot of people will have an opinion that is not favorable for the fact that we put up our Christmas tree, but that’s okay. We’re happy and we’re still very excited to celebrate Thanksgiving. And also, my big thing is to make sure that Tbug is involved with decorating our tree. I always want her to feel included and this is a way that I make it a point…. So 2 weeks ago, yes 2 weeks ago we put up our Christmas tree. No, I haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving!

Anyway… We actually bought a new tree at the end of last year. We went out the day after Christmas and actually found this tree at Lowe’s. It’s so friggin cool. So it is prelit but there aren’t cords you have to plug in together to light it all up. Instead once you place this piece to that, the plug in is in the tree base itself. Very cool. Only bad thing is there is not an easy way to get light to our tree topper, but it doesn’t fit anyway… hit the ceiling so we left it off. I do believe it needs a topper but I’m not sure what to do just yet.

I’m pretty sure he’s saying Tada. There’s the tree. What else is exciting about this tree you ask? Well… it will light up white (my favorite) or colored (hubby’s favorite) or we can have the best of both worlds and it switches back and forth.

As with every year…. we have new ornaments to add to our tree. What’s crazy is this tree must be bigger than our last one because I had lots of spare room on the tree this year. Usually ornaments feel crowded but not this year for some reason. Here are the ornaments we added to this year’s tree….:

Hubby is a proud US Veteran. I got this at Dillard’s for him. We also got an Army one for him but I don’t have a picture of it. I need to get on that!

This represents all of our tailgating at Chiefs stadium.

As we’ve seen, I’ve gotten in to decorating sugar cookies so this is to represent me/that.

Abug loves Paw Patrol. Later we also found a few of the other dogs, but we didn’t buy them…. yet 😏

She’s also a Minnie Mouse fan and a Frozen Fan. I’m not sure who she likes better… Anna or Elsa so we got one with both 😁

This is from when Abug and I went to Louisiana. Let me tell you how hard it is to find an ornament that represents Monroe/West Monroe, Louisiana…. OY!

Hello Cozumel. This was from the Grad-Ge-8-Shen trip.

This was my Christmas present from Dano last year. I’ve been looking for a Scuba Diver since we were certified in 2013 and Dan finally found one for me! Thank you!!

This is from our trip to Woolaroc this spring.

And what’s funny is I have a few others like one from graduating with my grad degree that I must not have taken pictures of. Who knows…. I guess I have a couple that I need to find!

So Tbug and Abug were helping me dig through boxes of Christmas items. I really was only looking for things for the tree. The rest of the decorating will happen after Thanksgiving. Tbug doesn’t have to be involved with that, even though it would be nice. Sometimes those are the road blocks you hit when you only have her every other weekend.

And speaking of that, why did we put it up so soon? Well there are a lot of weekends between the weekend we did this and the 17th of December that we have so many plans we couldn’t fit in putting up the Christmas tree. Heck, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for over a month. I like Christmas!

Normally at our house I am the one handing out ornaments for this person or that person to put on the tree. We have specific ornaments that specific people put on, then others I just hand off. I gave Abug the less breakable ones so she could put them on the tree while giving hubby and Tbug the more breakable ones to put up higher so they were out of Abug’s reach. Then Tbug followed Abug around to make sure that she got hers on the tree so they wouldn’t fall off. We work as a team.

Like I said though, there are specific ornaments some of us put on the tree, like ones that represent us or have our names on them, or hubby and I are the only ones who put our first year marriage ornament on the tree, etc.

And then we have the finished tree… though I found a train that sits up in the tree and circles the tree at a later date that isn’t represented in these pictures. It’s awesome!

Here is the tree in color

And here is the tree in white.

And that my friends is the 2016 Christmas tree in all its glory!

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