Change in plans!

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Friday night didn’t end the way we’d planned… That I think might even be the biggest under statment of the year…. well maybe not the biggest, but pretty darn close!

Let’s just say a flooded living room floor and office floor is one way to jump start the office cleaning…  Luckily PC’s dad was at our house helping him clean out the garage earlier in the evening so we had extra hands in helping empty out our office, fast, and whoever created Shop Vac’s, YOU are my hero!!!

Needless to say, home ownership is a…. blast?!?!

I might also add that PC’s Dog (that would be Sassy) is in the dog house!  Although Audrey isn’t to far behind her with muddy paw prints to clean up on top of everything else!!!

So Saturday PC made his famous spaghetti so maybe we could entice a few extra hands to help re-organize our office.  It worked like a charm too!!!

He doesn’t always make it the same… in fact I wasn’t in the kitchen much but I’ll try to re-create it for you…

Spaghetti Sauce:
Sweet Sausage, browned up and then cut in chunks
onion (that his loving wife chopped for him b/c she doesn’t cry when chopping)
his seasonings (remember he’s the seasoning king so I have no idea, I would say play around with it, that’s usually what he does)
Parmesan & Romano cheeses (whatever his wife had in the fridge)
Diced tomatoes
Tomato sauce (which incidentally got left out)

And we’re off and running:

See, it’s him cooking, not me 🙂

Mushrooms make everything better!!!

dang, I can’t even for the life of me remember what that seasoning was… Hunny can you help here?

These were the sizes of tomato products he used 🙂 well minus the sauce, it forgot to go in the pan.

apparently I’m easily distracted, but look at my cute Christmas spatulas.  A gingerbread man, a snowman and the red one is a snowflake.  From none other than one of my fave stores, Williams Sonoma.  They are from years past though.

Then once it’s all mixed together, the key is let it simmer!  (simma down now! name that show)

Then cook up some lovely noodles and you have yourself a great meal.  What would have made it better you ask??  garlic toast!

And it’s so funny, with our house being a Berm house, our kitchen window is up by the ceiling and the animals always love to come and stare in at us.  It was a freak out the first night I saw Audrey, now it is just comical!

Peace, Love & Great food & family & helpers!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Change in plans!

  1. I left the sauce out on purpose 😉 the crushed tomato's turned out to be more like tomato sauce so i just left it out. The seasonings are of course S&P Italian seasoning, Basil, and Dried tomato and garlic Pesto seasoning by Tastefully Simple.

  2. Ahh! Not a leak! So sorry. 🙁

    That spaghetti sauce looks deelish. My gram makes a similar recipe with sausage and it's SO good!

  3. How on earth did you get flooded. I think I would freak out, we have wood floors, can't imagine the damage – ugh. Hope it's all good now. My husband is, to me, just about the perfect man but he does not cook, hates it. Will do every measure of other chores and does all the dishes but toast is about all he can muster.

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