She's Back

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Friday our friend T graduated from a program he was going through.  His mom & dad let him choose where he wanted to have dinner and the whole family (we’re included as family) got together that night to celebrate in honor of him!

Yey T.

So, we were supposed to be there at 5:30.  Hubby beat me there and when I got there Earl looked at me and said, “I’m mad at you, why didn’t you tell me Audrey was home.”

I looked at her confused and said um… she hasn’t.

She was like, well I was at your house this afternoon and she was running around outside with Marlie.

Again she got a confused look from both hubby and me.  I was like, are you sure you saw the right dog?

She said, well I’m fairly certain.  So I pulled up a couple photos on my phone of Audrey and clarified.  She was like, yup, that’s her.

They all told me to run home and check and come back.  I was like, no if it’s her, she’ll be there when I get home, otherwise, if she wasn’t there she won’t be.

When dinner was over there, I was outta there.  I lasted the whole time which it was like 7:15 when I got home, but dang that was a long dinner!  I told myself not to speed home.  I drove the speed limit.  There’s no reason to get a speeding ticket or into a wreck on the way home, I’d already been rearended on my way to class Monday night.

And when I pulled in the driveway, I didn’t see any dogs.  I was about to have a panic attack, but finally Marlie popped up over the hill.  And followed behind her was Audrey.  I screamed, slammed my car in park in the middle of the driveway, jumped out and grabbed my puppy and danced around with her.  She was missing 1 week 2 days.  But she’s home!  Thank God and thank you all for your loving prayers for her safe return!

We truthfully never thought we’d see her again.

13 thoughts on “She's Back

  1. So happy little Audrey has returned!
    Don't you wish this to be a time when dogs could talk? She could tell all about her amazing adventure while she was away. Or at least be able to track where all she's been.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Oh good! Was she starving when she got back? Or had someone been feeding her? Our boxer used to do that about once a year. He always came back completely wore out and hungry. Who knows what in the heck he was up to. But then he started doing it more often. Now he is like 14 and we have to keep him on a chain or he will just run. I hope this was just a one time excursion for her.

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