Splish Splash

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So the other weekend, hubby decided he was ready to start getting the tarp off of the pool and start cleaning the pool.

I’m not going to lie, I think he’s a bit early on the git go there, but we did kind of get the tarp on it late last year so it got a little dirtier than we would have liked…. And then putting the pump on top to get the water off the tarp, the tarp slipped in the pool and tried to drain the pool and it just wasn’t a good deal.  So I guess it was time to at least get more water back in the pool so it didn’t pull down on the sides!  Audrey wasn’t enthused, especially after Marlie knocked her on the tarp.

The pump did a good job of draining down most of the water, then came time to scoop leaves out.

This is the first year Marlie will really see our pool, so she’s not real sure what to think… that and there were a lot of tadpoles on the top that really claimed her attention.

She wasn’t real sure she cared for that net either.

Anytime honey would move she was out of there, or under my feet one…

There were a few areas of sever leaves, but over all it wasn’t too bad.

The bad part was it was chilly that particular night.  This spring weather has been crazy!

I had a stressful day at work so when I got home, I kind of refused to work.  My lazy bone took over… sorry hubby!

Suzy the Sock Monkey decided she wanted to help though.  She tried to fill in my job.

She even voluntarily jumped on the lawnmower to help move the old nasty leaves to the burn pile.

But after all that strenuous work, she kicked me out of the hammock and decided she needed a rest for the evening.

And what did I learn?  My sock monkey can’t do nearly the work I can… LOL 🙂

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  1. The picture of your feet hanging off the hammock is AWESOME. Made me laugh out loud 🙂 I want a pool too, but that looks like a lotta work! I would definitely let the hubby do most of it!

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