One Year Ago… Part 17

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He came to the house to pick me up on his way to take his daughter home. She ran in the house and spoke to my parents, then I grabbed my shoes and purse and we headed out to take her home. I thought I was going to be sick. I had a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. What if I had to see her mother… what if I didn’t compare, or stand up to, or wasn’t as pretty as, all these wild thoughts went flying through my head. When he took her to the front door, the mother never showed her face, whew! I survived. After she was home we came back to my house and slept all afternoon. We had to recover. She runs 90 to nothing!The next 2 weeks he had vacation so he was home. He had lots of plans made, clean out the shop, rebuild the hot tub, ride horses, you name it, but every night once I got off work he came over to the house to spend time with me. When he first started he’d go out to do chores with my dad and me. Once he learned what we did and how we fed everything, he beat us home during the later part of those 2 weeks and had them done for us.

We were doing P90X so after chores were done he and I would head to Kalem & Evelyn’s house to do the workout. On the 20th was Jason’s birthday so after our workout we all headed to dinner at Cheddars.

The sad part is all through this Josh became more and more non-existent when he was around. I had a feeling all along that Josh liked me more than a friend and I sound so mean by saying, he seemed more like a big brother to me. I wasn’t oblivious to all of this but I hoped it would work itself out. So I went on about my business hoping that things would work out.

On the 22nd of August we had dinner club at a German restaurant out on 43 hwy. When they sent out the email this month, my parents also go an invite. So decided to come as well. He and I headed over in his truck and my parents drove separate. Up to this point after dinner club we’d go to the J’s and play rockband so I told him that if that was the case, we’d need a way home. When we got to Roswitha’s, I could feel some tension around Josh. I spoke to him and he wouldn’t speak back. Oh great, we’re going to have to have the talk, again. I hate the talk. The I like you but for a friend talk. Really it’s heartbreaking. I don’t like to be on either end of that conversation!

After dinner was over, everyone just split. So I looked at him and asked what he’d like to do? He didn’t care so I said, how about Mini Golf?? It was settled we were going to go play mini golf. He also indulged me and stopped at BigLots for me (yes, I love that store). Now here’s something I shouldn’t tell on myself but I always pay for one round and grab 2 balls and 2 score cards so that I can play both courses, easy & hard. I told him to do the same, in fact I think I grabbed 3 balls so that we could and I grabbed both score cards. He gave me the “Are you serious” look and I grinned. Then we went outside and proceeded to play mini golf. I would like to say for the record I won both rounds, but he was a good sport about it and not far behind me!

The next week was a little less time together, only because of his 2 weeks off, he had his daughter the second week for the whole week. So we had to work with bed times and she wanted to play with her cousin and see his mom on her days off so we weren’t able to do our P90X workout.

All through the planning of our 2 weeks “together” I had read somewhere that there was a spectacular constellation show on the night of the 27th (Thursday). My grandpa’s birthday was the 28th. We planned on having dinner at my house for his birthday. I had a couple days of vacation left before it rolled around again so I took the 28th off, that way we could go star gazing on the 27th and then he volunteered to smoke meat while I made the sides for my grandpa’s birthday on the 28th. His mom volunteered to watch his daughter for us on the night of the 27th so it was official.

So we got in his truck and drove out in the middle of his field and wouldn’t you know, it clouded over and was lightening. We thought we were going to get rained on so we thought about calling it off, but then we’d see patches of stars through the clouds so we waited it out. We laid in the back of his truck on blankets watching the lightening show and watching the star patches. He had horses and a donkey in this pasture and they’d come around us and we’d pet them and then they’d go away. Eventually we wound up falling asleep under the stars. Around 2am I suddenly became aware of something hovering above my head and it scared the crap out of me. I jumped and slightly shrieked and He came up swinging. The horse backed up because he scared the horse and the horse banged its head against the bed of the truck. I couldn’t help myself, I died laughing.

Eventually it got cold (yes in the middle of August) and so we moved into the cab of the truck and fell back asleep. At about 5am I had such a crick in my neck that we went back to his mom’s house and both crashed on the couch until 7:30 when his mom woke us up. I got up and got in my car to go home while he took his daughter to school. He told me he’d be to the house after he dropped her off.

I went home, jumped in the shower, put my pj’s on and crashed on my bed for 45 minutes until he called to say he was downstairs and needed to be let in the house. I scrambled out of bed, looked at myself in the mirror, and almost screamed at the sight. My hair had semi dried and it went every which direction. It was horrid! I grabbed a ponytail, smooshed it against my head the best I could and ran downstairs to let him in.

We lounged around the house for a couple hours because he and I were so exhausted. Finally around lunch time we decided to get up and do something productive. I went and changed and we headed to the movies to see the Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal. (Yup much better if you aren’t in a bad mood over a bad break-up!)

Once the movie was over we headed back to my house and started dinner. When everyone arrived at 6:30, dinner was ready and sitting on the table. My grandparents were disappointed that his daughter didn’t join us. We told my grandma that she wouldn’t get a chance to see her grandma this weekend because tomorrow we were headed to Silver Dollar City so she wanted to stay at Memaw’s (his mother) house. My grandma completely understood.

That night he wound up going home around 10:30pm. We had a busy day the next day because his daughter, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, him and myself were going to Silver Dollar City and we had to be up and ready to leave his house by 6:30am. So I took a quick shower and climbed into bed waiting for him to call and say he’d made it home.

Just after the call came in, I turned my lights out and proceeded to go to sleep, when my phone rang. I have specific ringtones for different people and when I heard that ringtone I was torn…….

to be continued…..

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