The Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel

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So Monday we had to check out of the Hampton Inn downtown and move to our hotel room over at the Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel.

The Location was over near Creve Couer area of St. Louis.  This was a very nice neighborhood with a lot of shopping and dining options around, also easy Interstate access.

One thing we definitely liked about this hotel is the elevators were much faster and never crowded.

Our room was on the 4th floor.  It was a King size bed that also had a couch and a little sitting area.

The bed was super soft and definitely enough pillows as they were a bit soft for my taste (double up baby!).  I was sad there was no refrigerator so we brought my cooler in from the car and kept it stocked with ice to keep our water cool.  Also, you had to pay for the wi-fi, so we didn’t, but otherwise, this was a fabulous hotel.

The Pool area was definitely better than the other hotel we stayed in because it wasn’t crowded.  There was also chair lifts for handicapped people.  Also, there was a Sauna you could get in to relax.

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